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Best Airless Paint Sprayer for DIY – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Using a paint roller and brush can be a slow method, especially when you have a large area to paint over.

Best Airless Paint Sprayer for DIY – Complete Buyer’s Guide
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Using a paint roller and brush can be a slow method, especially when you have a large area to paint over.

Bigger DIY painting projects at home can be tiresome and expensive. For such situations, it is better to upgrade from rollers to a more efficient method.

The boom in power tool markets has led to the development of airless sprayer, which is more efficient than the paint rollers.  

Graco magnum 262800 X5 – Perfect Airless Paint Sprayer

Unlike most sprayers, the Graco magnum airless sprayer does not depend on air as its main way to deliver the pressure for the sprays.

The Graco Magnum airless sprayer uses piston pumps in place of the well-known compressor or air turbine. It draws in some paint from the container and pushes it to the sprayer gun through the hose. The Graco Magnum x5 is very powerful and sprays at a pretty fast rate. It is made of stainless steel which is very long-lasting.

This is essentially the main way to get paint through the Graco 5X. Unlike most other sprayers, this will not rely on an internal supply of paint. You just have to open a fresh can of paint and insert the suction tube. It draws the paint directly to the sprayer gun

The small size of the Graco Magnum 5X make is quite different. Its main body is small even though HVLP sprayers tend to be just the spray guns. The Graco magnum has its own pump and turbine and tends to be larger than the HVLP. The compact body of the 5X can fit just about anywhere during transportation.

The Rac is great for spraying fine layers of paint coating. Instead of cleaning the switch tip, you have the ability to remove and reverse the placement position. The spray noozle is perfect for double use. The quality of the Noozle also allows you to use it over a long period of time. The Power flush allows for easy cleaning. You do not need to connect a suction tube for this. All you need is to hook up your garden hose and start the sprayer.

Overall, it’s an amazing choice for your “Do It Yourself” needs.


  • It is a powerful sprayer
  • Has several options available
  • it is flexile


  • Loses suction after a while

Homeright Power Flo Pro – Excellent for DIY Use

This airless paint sprayer is from HomeRight. This company has been around for more than 25 years. HomeRight is known for its innovation and implementation of the latest trends and technologies in the painting industry.

It has the strength and capacity to pump fluids at very high pressure through the hose.

The spray gun has a tiny hole that allows pumped fluids through. The hole has a nozzle for the enclosure. The nozzle works to break the pain and give you’re a high-quality finish on the paint job.

This sprayer is designed to take on larger projects without any major issues. You can use the Homeright power Flo Pro to paint fences, ceilings, and walls. The packaging you get includes an airless hose, a mesh filter, the sprayer, a spray gun, and a reversible spray tip.

This sprayer is suitable for professional handling and large scale painting projects. The chrome plated gun has a very high-pressure trigger with a carbide spray tip. This helps to spray very thick materials with some ease. You can use it to spray a broad range of paints, including the latest water based and oil based paints.

Its versatility allows it to handle both outdoor and indoor applications. The 515 tip on the Homeright power flo pro is reversible. This gives it the reliability and robustness required to remove and clean out any clogs. The adjustable pressure settings make it easy to control while you are spraying.


  • Covers larger areas fast
  • Can work with several different paints


  • Clogs when used with thicker materials
  • The tip is not ideal for smaller surfaces

Graco Magnum Plus 257025 – Lightweight Paint Sprayer

Graco is known for producing good quality paint sprayers. This pointless sprayer can accommodate up to 50 gallons and can paint spray your whole house. It can also handle smaller jobs as well.

It is perfect for people who love handy work around the home. There are no extra tips on this airless spray.

As for the output, the Graco is respectable, with a medium output rate. It uses a 25-foot hose and strong motor to push out the coating materials. the length of the hose is pretty small but you can use a 50-foot replaceable one instead.

It is lightweight and compact. This 10lb Graco Magnum Plus 257025 is easy to carry around. With its lightweight, you can carry it around while you work on the spray job. Graco is dedicated to producing top quality materials.

The Graco Magnum Plus 257025 sprayer has a stainless steel piston pump. This ensures the Graco magnum lasts you for a longer time while offering unthinned coatings.


  • It is great for larger surfaces
  • It works with different paints


  • The build quality is not great
  • Not very good for smaller surfaces

Titan ControlMax 1900 PRO – Compact Airless Sprayer

It is made for heavier and more demanding spray paint jobs. The high-quality parts of the titan ensure great performance. The ¾ horsepower motor can spray up to 3000 PSI.

The engine gives out a flow rate of 0.33 gallons per minute. This incredible speed can help spray paint larger areas.  The long intake tube works with a maximum of 5-gallon buckets with a filter.

When the airless sprayer pushes materials out, you get a great reach. For a longer horse, you can simply combine two hoses, 25 foot long, to make it 50 feet in total. You can use both thin and thick latex paints on this airless spray gun.

The Titan control max airless sprayer is a professional grade paint fun with a reversible tip and versatile pattern. For easy transportation and compact storage, it has a smart move collapsible cart. You are able to rotate the central back unit and fold the legs to make it easier to carry and store. For convenience, the cart is sturdy and comes with large diameter wheels.

The LX60 metal spray Gun has an integrated filter that allows the horse to move freely while in motion. The filter is in-built; it works to reduce the tip clogs and improves the performance and finish.

An automatic oiling system included works to deliver the oil from the reservoir to the pump packing. You can do this with a click of a button. The lubrication system extends the lifespan of the movable metal parts of your paint sprayer.

Tilting the main unit enables you to make quick changes. A piston system on this airless prayer pumps on both upwards and downwards stroke. This allows operation speed to slow down and deliver optimum performance. It also has an adjustable pressure control system and dual tip action design.


  • Works with several different materials
  • High output and performance
  • Excellent build quality


  • Very heavy
  • Can’t spray all thick materials

Graco Ultra Corded Airless Handheld Sprayer – High Efficiency Product

The Graco Ultra Corded Airless Handheld sprayer leaves a good impression on every user. This paint sprayer is reliable for large paint jobs.

It is the ultimate upgrade from the previous paints prayers by Graco. It is created to make your painting job easier and more efficient.

Apart from being extremely reliable, it has an attractive outer structure. This paint sprayer can get the job done as efficiently as some painting professionals. There is no paint job too small or too large that this sprayer cannot handle.

The first thing people look out for in a sprayer is the performance. This corded airless paints prayer has optimum pressure control. One pressure is meant for thicker materials and the other one for these materials. His speed is unbeatable and outstanding. The speed creates precise lines and a flawless finish.

The flexiLiner paint bag system allows the sprayer to spray in all directions regardless of how you hold it. You do not need to wash the supply cup every time you use it. The supply cup is disposable and replaceable. The advanced technology does not allow any hiccups even when it is held upside down.

This high performing machine delivers a precise and clean spray. The Graco Ultra Corded Airless Handheld sprayer has two spraying patterns which you can change by rotating the tips. The high and low pressure speeds give you the ultimate control on the spray intensity.


  • The detachable nozzle makes it Easy to clean and maintain
  • Easy to use
  • Highly efficient
  • No batteries required
  • Airless finish


  • Has a short power code
  • The supply cup is small

Best Airless Paint Sprayers for Homeowner – Buyer’s Guide

When you are looking for a powerful spray painter, there are several things you will need to consider. It is obvious that the airless spray painter is the perfect power machines but you have to look deeper to find a better option. Airless spray painters are typically powered by machines and will spray paint at a very high pressure.

These are the 5 important features you should look out for:

1. Power

Generally, airless sprayers are known to be super powerful. So how do you know what power you need? It mostly depends on what you are painting. If you want to paint small pieces of furniture you will not need that much horsepower.

People who are painting larger surfaces like ceilings and walls should consider a product that is capable of handling that specific task. For thicker paints, more power is needed. A sprayer with more power automatically has more speed.

2. Volume

This may not be so obvious, but for some people, the volume is very important. The total volume that the airless spray painter can hold will determine the size of the unit. If you are looking for a smaller and more portable sprayer then you will have to overlook on the volume. Also, this means that you will have to refill it several times and that can be frustrating if you want to complete the job faster.

Having more volume means you will have less refills. The airless spray painter will, however, be heavier and bigger. Ultimately, you will have a less portable sprayer that is really hard to store.

3. Adjustable pressure and tips

Adjustable pressure on your spray painter is great because it provides you with the flexibility to do different projects. The high pressure also ensures your work is done faster and low pressure is perfect for detailed jobs and smaller surface areas.

Most airless spray painters will come with tips that let you change the flow of the paint. Spray tips can wear and tear after a long time and it is important you take the necessary steps to ensure they last you a long time. this means all tips will require a soft brush and filters to clean after every use.

4. Metal or plastic construction

When buying an airless sprayer, you have to consider whether you are going to use it outside or inside. The construction of your sprayer is quite important. You find that most sprayers in the market are made with plastic. This is especially true for smaller, low budget and hand help paint sprayers. Plastic construction is perfect for you if you are looking to spray on smaller surface areas.

Bigger projects will need sprayers made of metal. Metal construction can handle larger power that is produced by the motor. They can also withstand the wear and tear that occur when you are using the sprayer and moving it from place to place

5. Size and weight

The weight and size of the airless paint spray may not be a feature but they are important when you are picking a sprayer. The one you choose will determine if you can travel with it and how you will store it. Airless sprayers are very powerful and tend to be larger than the simple HVLP sprayers.

The motor is the main feature that adds weight to the sprayer. You need to determine whether you are doing home projects or moving around with the sprayer before you make the final decision.

Final words

Before you pick out the airless spray painter, there are several things you should look at. While efficiency is an important factor, the size, material, price, and compatibility should help you choose the perfect airless spray painter for the specific DIY painting activities you are looking to perform.

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