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Best Cordless Drills Under $50 on the Market – Real Comparison

Are you in search of an affordable cordless drill to use in your construction project? You can get one under $50 that can tackle any job.

Best Cordless Drills Under $50 on the Market – Real Comparison
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Are you in search of an affordable cordless drill to use in your construction project? You can get one under $50 that can tackle any job.

You can use this powerful tool for both small and big projects such as remodeling your kitchen, building a deck, assembling some of the furniture or installing fixtures.

Every homeowner looking to engage in such projects should consider buying a cordless drill.

You should prioritize on getting the best cordless drill to avoid wasting your money and boost productivity.

Cordless drills are numerous out there and finding the best one when you are on a budget can be challenging. We will simplify the process by reviewing some of the best cordless drills under $50. Our discussion will also give you a guide on how to choose the best one for your needs and what factors to watch out for. Here is a summary of all the products covered. Find out more!

Black + Decker MAX lithium ion – Best for general use

Get a cordless drill that delivers a lot of power to help you with different projects. This cordless drill has been praised for its incredible performance.

It is a sturdy and durable cordless that puts you in control. You can use the 11-setting clutch to drill through delicate materials such as drywall safely. It is also ideal for conducting screw driving tasks.

Black+Decker is a light-weight tool that prevents hand fatigue. The compact size allows you to use it even in confined areas.

The LED also increases visibility in such spaces to help you achieve precision. Black + Decker delivers a variable speed to facilitate countersinking and perform well without damaging any of the materials.

Your packaging includes a lithium-ion battery, double-ended bit and charger. This cordless drill comes highly recommended due to its versatility, durability, and performance.


  • Your purchase comes with a warranty
  • It is lightweight
  • Has a great clutch
  • Delivers high power


  • It charges slowly


Avid Power 20V MAX – Ideal for Woodworking

Your garage might not have an electric outlet, but you can always charge your phone as you work on a project with this cordless drill.

Avid power is equipped with USB output which increases convenience. You can use this drill on different surfaces such as ceramics, woods, plastics, metal, and drywall easily due to the incorporation of 15+1 torque settings.

The settings give you control when driving screws while preventing stripping.

The package includes a lithium-ion battery, charger, drill and driver bits, magnetic shaft, extension bar, double-ended bit and manual. You also get a 2-year warranty for the replacement of part during purchase.

Ergonomic design

Most users like the ergonomic design of Avid power. It is light-weight and compact to prevent hand fatigue when dealing with drilling and screwing tasks. You can also operate this tool with one hand since the handle contains a rubber material which gives you a comfortable grip.


  • It is a user-friendly drill
  • The drill is light-weight and reliable
  • It includes a USB port for phone charging


  • It lacks a carrying case


Tacklife Lithium-Ion PCD01B – Perfect for Contractors

Purchase a cordless drill that has different speed settings. Tacklife puts you in control since you can choose to use the high speed or low speed when performing various tasks.

The high-speed setting delivers excellent torque ideal for different drilling applications while the low-speed settings manage fast screwing.

You can also achieve precision from choosing this cordless drive. This electric drill also contains LED lights which allow you to work even in low light conditions.

Most users also like its lightweight design as well as the handle which is made from rubber for a secure grip. Your package includes driver bits, a carrying case, a charger pack and a manual. If you are new to DIY projects such as drilling, this tool is for you.

Battery life

Tacklife contains a lithium-ion battery which has prolonged battery life. It loads fast to prevent project delays. Use the light indicator to monitor the status of its battery.


  • It contains 19+ 1 torque setting
  • The rubberized handle secures your grip
  • You can use it in dark areas
  • Your package includes a carrying case


  • It does not work well during heavy drilling


Black + Decker GCO18SFB – Best for hanging décor on walls

Finish wall-mounting jobs fast by choosing a cordless drill that is equipped with a stud finder. This model can easily locate studs through thick walls.

It delivers controlled drilling and overs variable speeds to help you work on different materials. It also contains a 24 position clutch to simplify screw driving tasks and prevent them from stripping.

The clutch also makes it easy for you to adjust the torque when working on different drilling applications. Inside it, there is a bit holder that allows you to access the drill bits easily as you work on your project.

The manufacturers also add some comfort features such as soft grips for you to work for long without experiencing hand fatigue. You can install or remove the battery with ease thanks to the inclusion of a slide pack battery feature.

Black + Decker contains a keyless chuck that allows you to adjust bits quickly. Your package includes a battery charger, battery and storage bag. We recommend it for household use. You can use it to assemble pieces of furniture or install decorative items in your household.


  • The keyless chuck facilitates quick bit changes
  • It is a reliable and sturdy cordless drill
  • Provides enough power for different applications


  • Slow charging


CCD20001L Cacoop Cordless Drill – Best for DIY

Are you tired of cordless drills that run out of power after a short duration? Check out this model.

Cacoop uses a lithium-ion battery to get you an extended runtime. It is a light-weight tool that provides you with sufficient power to perform DIY projects.

The 19 torque position settings help you achieve precision when drilling and prevent the risk of damaging workpieces.

The Cacoop cordless drill might fulfill your needs. It is equipped with a 2-variable speed gear which helps you achieve different purposes. The cordless drill offers enough power to drill numerous holes.

It allows you to drill holes on the wall for your home décor purposes. Use the indicator to monitor the battery capacity and know when to recharge it. Your package includes a belt hook, double-ended bit, charger and battery.


  • LED light allows you to work in dark areas
  • The inclusion of a removable belt hook also increases convenience
  • This cordless drill can hold the charge for long


  • Your package does not include a carrying case
  • Some people are not contented with the quality of the drill bit


Tacklife PCD04C Cordless Drill – Best for Concrete

Do you have a workshop and are looking for a good cordless drill? Check out Tacklife cordless drill.

This is powerful due to the high capacity of the brushless motor. It is recommended for residential and commercial needs. The model stands out from the rest due to the inclusion of different modes.

You can use the standard or hammer modes depending on what you are working on. If you need to drill into metal, wood or soft materials, utilize the drill mode.

The hammer mode lets you create holes on hard surfaces like brick. Unlike drills that utilize Ni-MH battery, Tacklife makes use of Lithium-ion battery which provides a high voltage and extended shelf life.

This model also contains LED lights which increase visibility when working in low light conditions. It contains 16 clutch settings which prevent the damaging of materials allowing you to work with delicate screws. The producers also include a self-locking spindle which enables you to drill large holes.


  • Its two-speed gearbox increases precision
  • The 16 functions let you choose ideal torque to prevent damaging of screw heads
  • This cordless drill is powerful and made from durable materials
  • Its handle gives you a soft grip
  • You can work with different modes


  • Some users complain about the battery quality
  • It does not come with a carrying case


Hi-Spec 18V Pro Combo cordless drill driver – Best for heavy-duty drilling

If your concern is balancing performance and balance, then this cordless drill is for you. Hi-Spec comes with numerous accessories including multiple bits to help you perform any drilling task.

The cordless drill stands out from the rest due to its large batteries. You don’t have to keep on recharging the battery since it can last for 3 hours without needing a recharge, thus, reducing project delays.

You can fine-tune this cordless drill to suit your different needs thanks to the inclusion of a clutch that features 17 positions. The keyless chuck allows you to adjust bits easily. You can also control the speed during operation through the variable speed feature.  Unfortunately, some people complain about the quality of the drill bits.


Hi-Spec cordless drill can stand on its base firmly and give you a secure grip during operation. It comes with a 2-bit holder that boost functionality. It is also equipped with 16 torque positions that ensure that you get adequate power to perform different tasks.


Feel free to use it around your home, garden, garage or even workshop. This cordless drill works well on wood, drywall, metal, and plastic. You can use it to assemble furniture, open electronics when you need to repair them or even adjust a light fitting.

The inclusion of screw bits makes it ideal for regular screwing tasks. It comes with an 18V motor which gives it enough power to perform tasks.


  • You get a carry case to keep the bits organized
  • Made with durable materials
  • Includes 30 accessories


  • The drill bits are poorly made


Best Cordless Drill Under 50 Dollars in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

After comparing the different models above, this section will help you know crucial aspects to look out for when purchasing a cordless drill. We will start with the basics for the sake of amateurs.

How does a cordless drill differ from a corded one?

Both of these drills may perform similar functions, but they differ when it comes to convenience and power. Corded drills provide more power compared to the cordless models, but they can be inconveniencing since they only work in areas with an electrical outlet.

 If you need a drill that you can use anywhere without such limitations, choose a cordless drill. This is powered through a battery making it ideal for areas where power supply might be limited. You can, therefore, move around with a cordless drill and work on different stations. They also come with numerous features that increase convenience. 

The uses of a cordless drill

A cordless drill is a must-have tool for DIYers who love working on different projects. They minimize the labor and allow you to finish tasks fast as long as you have enough battery charge.

You can use this drill anywhere without relying on an electrical outlet. Most cordless drills drivers make use of lithium-ion battery technology to make the drill work for long without the need for a recharge.

You can use this drill to install and remove screws without using a screwdriver. As you insert screws on surfaces such as wood, the tool allows you to create a pilot hole beforehand.

You can also use it to cut holes for a sink faucet or doorknob. If you want to install a screw into concrete or bolt down furniture to this surface, use a cordless hammer drill.

Finding the best cordless drill

Every retailer trying to get customers will praise their product and advertise it as the best. This can confuse customers if they don’t know the specific aspects to look out for. When searching for the best cordless drill, the following factors should guide you.

  • Types

Before you look at the different models, you should narrow down the search by considering the different categories of cordless drills. These include heavy-duty, light-duty, and general use.

Knowing the chuck size and voltage of a cordless drill is what helps you determine its purpose. Most heavy duty cordless drills have batteries with a voltage of 18-24V. This is enough power to drill into concrete or brick blocks.

The chuck size of the general use cordless drills is 3/8 inch while the battery is 12V. Such a cordless drill can bore numerous holes on wood and perform screw driving tasks.

If you want a cordless drill for small jobs, you should choose a light duty type. These contain small motors and may not spin with the same force as the other two categories. They are ideal for small applications such as adjusting a light fixture.

  • Handling

The materials used in making a cordless drill can determine its efficiency and durability. Choose one that feels sturdy and comfortable as you hold it. Try clipping in the battery and carry it with one hand before your purchase to determine if it is light enough to use for long.

The best cordless drill should not only feel light but also secure. Choose one with rubber components on the handle to prevent hand fatigue. Some of the cordless drills contain a pistol grip, and they have a cylindrical battery inside the handle making them stand upright.

  • Features

The best cordless drill is equipped with numerous features that make work easy and improve control. Choose one that has a variable speed to boost versatility when working. Pick one with an adjustable clutch to help you make automatic changes when working on different materials.

Your purpose can also guide you in selecting specific features when buying a cordless drill. For instance, if you are working in a dark area, you should choose a cordless drill that comes with LED lights.

  • Batteries

We mentioned that cordless drills are powered using cells. The type of batteries, however, differ and determine the efficiency of cordless drills. While most of them use lithium-ion batteries, others use nickel-cadmium.

Lithium-ion batteries are better since they deliver superior power to a cordless drill without adding excess weight on it. Get one that uses this type of cell if you want to drill through concrete. Nickel-cadmium batteries are not the best since they make a cordless drill heavy and force you to keep on recharging it.



Working on home projects without hiring a specialist has become the norm in our society. It saves you both time and money. Power tools such as cordless drills have simplified things and increased creativity at home.We have reviewed some of the best cordless drills in the market and covered how each model differs. Our buying guide will also help you get the best drill for your specific needs.

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