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Top 10 Best Cordless Hammer Drills – Ultimate Reviews

From looking for an efficient power outlet to finding extensions long enough for you to use the device. They are a headache.

Top 10 Best Cordless Hammer Drills – Ultimate Reviews
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If you have used a corded hammer drill, or any corded tool, you know the hassle that comes with it.

From looking for an efficient power outlet to finding extensions long enough for you to use the device. They are a headache.

No wonder cordless tools are becoming a favorite for home projects and construction work. They are a portable alternative that provides the same service. Cordless hammer drills are useful for homeowners, masonries and anyone

The following are some of the markets top cordless hammer drills.

When buying a cordless drill, there are three basic things you should look at. The power, speed, chuck, and battery will determine what kind of machine you get. The drill power is measured in Volts. High voltage drills are can be heavy. Most users prefer a 12 to 20 voltage power drills because they work quite efficiently.

Most drills have multiple speed options. Lower speeds are used for driving screws while higher speeds for drilling holes. If you plan to use it for drilling, get one with around 1000 RPM range. The chuck width determines what kind of bit can fit into your drill. They range from ½ to ¾ inches and more. Bigger chucks give you more options of using both heavy and fine bits.

DCH273P2 DEWALT 20V Max – Best Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

DEWALT offers a sturdy rotary hammer capable of withstanding intense construction works. It is a high performing tool running on 20v (5 ah) batteries.

The drill can deliver a 2.1-joule impact. Equipped with active vibration control, it helps you mitigate shocks during operation.

A retractable hook design allows you to store or carry your tool. The SDS plus chuck enables the use of a variety of attachments for all your construction requirements.

No matter the material, this drill excels in its drill action. Unlike hammer drills, this rotary drill is suitable for even the most abusive tasks. With a brushless motor, you get longer runtimes with this drill.

This drill is made incorporating rotary hammer drill technology. If you need a high performing drill that is easy to manage and safe to use, you might want to consider the DCB205.


  • Ideal for overhead operations
  • You can swap out several attachments of the SDS-plus chuck according to your different needs
  • The chuck is factory set to reduce safety risks during high torque function
  • Well designed for carrying and storage.
  • Comes with a Brushless motor for high power output


  • Maybe slightly on the heavier side

Hitachi DV18DSDLP4 – Best Hammer Drill for Concrete

This drill comes equipped with an industrial grade motor that delivers up to 800 in-lb of torque. A combination of power and speed makes the Hitachi DV18DSDL one tough cookie. The drill is powered by 18v Lithium-ion batteries and can reach speeds of up to 1800RPM.

Do not be afraid to crank up the power. A secondary handle is provided to assist in handling during operations. It comes with a metal hook to attach on your person. You can carry this sizeable tool around on your belt.

With a low weight, highly compact design, the apparatus is quite maneuverable. Hitachi has developed this drill with four gear system to give you a broad speed range. You can use it to perform many tasks, ranging from simple installments to complex drilling. Protect your drill from wear and tear by storing in the durable aluminum casing. Only the bare tool is provided upon purchase.

Trust this drill to deliver efficient power output depending on your needs. You can regulate your tool to suit your work requirements. If you are looking to purchase a versatile tool that delivers across the spectrum, you may want to have a look at the Hitachi DV18DSDLP4.


  • 22 chuck setting to allow a wide range of tasks
  • It is a powerful yet safe tool
  • Industrial grade motor to level up the power
  • Compact design for easy use and maneuvering


  • Does not come with battery or charger, you may have to purchase these missing items.

Milwaukee 2704-20 M18 FUEL 1/2″ – Perfect 18v Hammer Drill

Milwaukee has developed a small yet handy drill that delivers up to 1200 in-lbs of torque. The drill is built to handle heavy duty work with ease. The drill design has several elements that comfortable to use.

With brushless motor technology, this drill packs a power punch. You can use the tool for long periods with minimal maintenance requirements with such a motor.

Your bits are held secure with the ratcheting chuck lock mechanism. Depending on the nature of your handy work, you can choose to amp up or bring down the speed settings on the drill. Operating on an 18v Lithium-ion battery provides you with the juice for high drilling demands. With the Redlink Plus Intelligence, your device is protected against heating or overworking.

If you are searching for a high power high tech drill, why not try 2704-20 M18 FUEL model. The device comes with Bluetooth technology for tracking and monitoring your tool.


  • Technologically advanced to ensure an ideal working experience
  • It is not as heavy as compared to other hammer drills
  • Designed with a brushless motor to maximize the power of the drill and minimize maintenance requirements
  • REDLITHIUM Batteries are developed by the same manufacturer to control and sustain extended operation time


  • It quite a noisy drill, you may want to protect your ears during operations
  • There are several complaints regarding the chuck performance
  • You may have to purchase several parts such as the charger and battery because the drill is sold as a single item.

Bosch HDH181X-01 – Product with Good Battery

Bosch is a safe yet effective drill. With the active response, you can reduce the risk of kickback when operating it on high torque. The drill runs on an 18 v Lithium-ion battery that lasts for reasonable working periods.

This drill is certain to endure the harshness of the construction environment. Storing it in the all-metal housing, it comes with protects your tool from wear and tear.

You can toggle between functions of either screw driving or drilling. With 750 ft-lbs of torque, Bosch HDH181X-01 can drill through virtually any construction surface. You can fine-tune your drilling operations with the 25 chuck setting this tool offers.

Operating this drill is made easy with the side handle. If you’re looking for a safe heavy duty drilling or driving tool, you may want to consider Bosch. The active response locks the motor when it reaches a certain limit. This is meant to protect you from potentially dangerous situations caused by a rotational torque reaction. The purchase additionally comes with an extra battery.


  • You get a backup battery with the purchase of this drill
  • Reduced kickback without a drop-off in performance
  • Built for comfortable use with minimal fatigue
  • Interchangeable screw driving and drilling function
  • Dura-shield all-metal housing for your equipment


  • This drill does not come with drill bits; you may have to purchase some if you do not already own a set.
  • The instructions manual is not very elaborate. You might need to go through it several times.

Makita XPH07Z 18V LXT Hammer Driver-Drill – Ideal High Power Compact Drill

The XPH07Z is a hardworking drill that comes in compact ergonomic design. The drill is sturdily built with an 18v battery (Lithium-ion). Brushless motor action gives you more power for your heavy-duty tasks. This kind of motor protects your tool from overheating and helps to cut down on maintenance costs.

With a two-speed transmission RPM you can use it to perform a range of tasks. Heavy duty drilling comes easy with the Makita XPHO7Z. This drill delivers a maximum 1090 in-lbs in torque that will ensure you can work on virtually any woodwork, masonry or metal work project. You may want to start out slow if you are not used to such powerful drilling.

If you’re looking to purchase an efficient drill with a versatile edge, this might be what you need. The brushless motor gives this drill power and speed for all your construction requirements.

PRO TIP: You might appreciate the two handle system when using it on its maximum torque. That side handle will come in handy for better drill control. It might just save you from losing a hand.


  • Made with carbon steel to resist wear and tear
  • Brushless motor to deliver more power
  • Fast charge battery with communication technology to indicate power level for optimized battery use
  • Provides different speed transmissions to suit a variety of tasks
  • A side handle for safe handling when using the drill at maximum torque


  • It is quite heavy (about 6 pounds not including the battery) and might be cumbersome to operate if you are used to lighter equipment
  • Sold as a singular item. You may have to purchase an 18v battery or other parts such as drill bits separately.

Milwaukee M18 18V 1/2-Inch Compact Brushless Hammer Drill – Reasonable design with intelligence tech

Are you looking for a compact drill with some oomph? The 2702-20 hammer drill by Milwaukee offers a sleek ergonomic design for working almost anywhere. It is perfect for all sorts of drilling and driving operations.

Heavy duty drilling for extended periods is made possible with its 18v battery. The Brushless motor technology ensures minimal energy loss with maximum power output.

Milwaukee has developed this drill with REDlink intelligence. You drill is monitored and protected against overheating and intense work abuse. This made for efficiency and durability. An all-metal ratcheting chuck secures all your bits. You get two gear speeds (0 to 450/0 to 1800 RPM) to suite a vast number of projects.

This drill might be the ideal versatile tool you are looking for. Not only to perform your daily work and installation but also for those heavy duty drilling and fastening activities. The brushless hammer drill might be the right tool to get into those small spaces that need work. Whether you’re a DIYer or work with power tools every day, this drill may be enough to satisfy your requirements.


  • Run time is comparatively 50% more than other drills
  • Perfect for compact spaces and overhead work
  • Brushless motor to give you a power boost and save you on maintenance
  • Ergonomic design is easy to grip and use for extended periods


  • Chuck tends to slip
  • You may have to purchase some parts as this drill is sold as a bare tool

1/2-Inch XPH012 18V LXT Makita – Best Medium-Heavy Weight Duty Drill

The XPH012 is a reasonably sized drill that is manageable in tight spaces. It comes with an 18v battery (Lithium-ion). You may find the weight and ergonomic design useful during long operations.

A polymer material is used to make the chuck. You can use this drill for a variety of drilling and driving tasks.

With its 2-speed metal transmission ranging from 400-1500RPM, it is possible to alternate between low speeds for driving and high for drilling. The drill can deliver 480 in lbs. of maximum torque

Looking for a simple, effective drill? Consider the XPH012 model for your light-duty operations. It is quite portable and easy to use in tight spaces. You may have to cut back on some difficult construction work.


  • Economical use of battery charge
  • Easy to use with minimal fatigue
  • Comes with included battery


  • Not quite as useful as a hammer drill. You may have trouble working o some types of surfaces
  • There are some complaints regarding premature battery death

PORTER-CABLE PCC620B – Best Choice for the Money

Powered with a 20v Lithium-ion battery, the PCC620B drill is one efficient make. It is built for mostly masonry, woodwork and metalwork projects.

With a metal ratcheting chuck, you get minimal slippage of bits during operations. Your comfort comes first with the rubber grip of this drill. It is quite simple to work with.

Based on the type of tasks you are performing, you can alternate between the two-speed gears (0-400/0-1600 RPMs).

Do not underestimate this reasonably sized drill. With 23 chuck settings, the PCC620B is meant to deliver fine fastening and drill operations. This PORTER CABLE PCC620B drill might come in handy for work in cramped spaces.

It is a simple tool that you can comfortably carry and use in confined spaces. You may want to limit this tool to light duty work.


  • Well designed with a secure grip
  • Minimal fatigue is experienced during handling
  • Battery gauge to help you monitor how much charge is left


  • The RPM range does not allow for heavy duty tasks
  • You will have to purchase auxiliary parts that do not come upon purchase
  • Battery life could be an issue with demanding work

Ryobi P1812 One+ 18V – Best Hammer Drill for Low-Stress Applications

Running on 18V lithium-ion batteries, this drill can deliver up to 600 in Lbs of torque.  This is quite impressive considering the size of this drill. It is equipped with a 2-speed motor that offers a minimum of 375 RPM. Such specs are excellent for light duty work.

You can use this hammer kit for home fixes as well as some light masonry work. This hammer drill may come in handy if you want a reasonably performing drill for work and home.  With the kit, comes a number of items for assembly and use of this Ryobi drill.


  • Allows you to perform a variety of operations
  • Three mode switch that lets you toggle between hammer, drill, and drive
  • Has auxiliary handle to help ease the use of the rill


  • Is not ideal for conventional heavy duty work

VonHaus 20V MAX 1/2″ Cordless Drill Driver – Good Product Under $100

Von house offers a multifunctional tool that is powered using a 20v Lithium-ion battery. This battery can provide sufficient power for a variety of hammer drill activities.

The two-speed trigger allows you to vary the rotation speeds of the tool. You get reasonable of up to 336 in-lbs maximum torque.

The design incorporates the use of cast aluminum to develop the gear head. Von Haus has designed this drill with a light, ergonomic appeal. This drill is reasonably sized, and the robust gearbox is a bonus for a variety of drill bits. You can work indoors or outdoors with this particular drill.

If you want a reasonably powered drill with and a set of drill bits, you may try the Von Haus 20V max drill. It is an efficient tool for basic operations.


  • It has a reasonable size for
  • Delivered in a unique set that includes a set of drill bits
  • Versatile tool


  • Problems with transitional speeds, especially the second one.
  • There have been complaints that the drill suddenly stops working.

Best Cordless Hammer Drills in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

How it works?

  • Cordless feature

Cordless tools rely on efficiently developed cells to maintain their function. They operate only on electrical current from batteries. This power provided by the battery is what is converted into mechanical energy. Cordless tools allow you to go to where the work is, instead of trying to bring the work to you.

  • Hammer and drill action

The drill action is the primary function of this tool. Using the recommended drill bit, you can drill through virtually anything. The hammering effect is made possible by forward and reverse motions of the drill bit.

  • Driving action

Most hammer drills can be used for screw driving. They help you easily fasten those screws and nuts.

This driving capability is mostly due to the RPM ranges that they have. Switching to this lower speed allows you to effectively employ this device as a screw driver.

What You Should Consider Before Choosing a Hammer Drill

Buying a power tool is a big deal. The choice of drill should efficiently cater to your operational needs.

Here are a few questions and factors that you should think about before you make that commitment

Nature of your work:

What tasks do you intend to perform with this hammer drill? Think about it this way; the purpose of your tool directly affects what model you choose. You may want to do some light duty handy work around the home: you may need a heavy duty hammer drill for construction or even both. The difference in power output required for individual tasks will dictate the right drill choice. Remember, hammer drills come with a range of transmission speeds. Select the best option for both drilling and driving requirements.


Are you purchasing this tool for personal use, or will a number of you use it? Different manufacturers produce different sized drills. Consider your comfort and the group members’ individual abilities.

Being able to use a cordless hammer drill in different positions; for example, overhead may influence this choice. Overall, decide on a reasonably weighted item that you (and anyone else) can comfortably use, even past shoulder height. Having a powerful hammer drill is great, but do not overlook how easily you will be able to use it.


These are an important quality you should look at when purchasing this item. Ask yourself this: are these the qualities that will satisfy my current and future drill and drive needs.

Here are some basic specifications you should look at:

  • Power

Arguably, the power of a drill lies in its maximum torque capacity. This qualification should be tailored to your needs. Do not just select the most powerful option. Determine what tasks you need to accomplish. These will guide you in choosing an appropriately powered hammer drill that matches these requirements.

  • Battery life

Think about how often you may need to use this hammer drill. Once you establish this frequency, you may be able to predict how often the battery will need to charge. Select a manufacturer that intently pays attention to batter optimization so you can get the most out of your battery life.

  • Resilience

Nobody wants to constantly spend money on buying new hammer drills or repairing them. Identify a sturdy device that will effectively resist wear and tear. Look carefully at the material the drill is designed from. Consider other moveable parts of the drill to endure you choose an all-rounded durable hammer drill.

  • LED function

This is an important quality especially for operations involving dark or compact crevices. Ensure you choose a hammer drill with a proper LED function. Hammer drills that do not come with an in-built or alternative source of LED lighting may prove difficult to use in dark spaces.

Some unique features to talk about:

  • Brushless motor

Why would you want a hammer drill with a brushless motor? Well, brushless motors are designed for efficient high power output.

  • Chuck settings

Drills with wide range chuck settings offer finer drilling experience. You may adjust the settings to suit your operations or preferences.

Your experience with power tools

Why does experience matter? Well, different hammer drills come with varying power output levels. Some drills have monstrous torque, and you risk kickbacks as a consequence. You may need to have substantial experience handling such high power models

This decision may influence your safety. Experience with such heavy-duty equipment is sure to assist you in making a choice.

Things You Should Remember Before Using Hammer Drill

Your safety is a priority!

YOUR SAFETY IS ALWAYS IMPORTANT. Do not overlook simple actions like wearing protective gears. Some hammer drills may get noisy, so wear ear guards. Ensure to take all necessary precautions that will protect you from potential harm.

There is a good reason for the auxiliary handle

Do not assume you can manage a hammer drill at its maximum torque level without assistance. No amount of experience removes you from adhering to the recommended handling procedure. Make sure that you handle each cordless hammer drill according to the manufacturers’ instructions. They made it, so they must know what they’re talking about.

That manual is always handy

It is essential to know your hammer drill. When you are uncertain about something, or you don’t know what to do; revisit your manual. Avoid poor equipment practice that might put you at risk of injuries.

Tips for Storage and Handling of Your Cordless Hammer Drill

Finding the right hammer drill for you is no joke. Once you have your ideal tool, you will need to take care of it so it may last you a while. Here are some tips to help you care for your tool

  • Good storage habits and conditions

Put away your hammer drill in a clean, dry space. You may have a model that comes with its housing. Store the drill appropriately to prevent rust. Avoid humid conditions as they contribute to rust formation. Always keep up with emerging trends and advancement in cordless hammering drills. They may affect how you store and maintain your drills.

  • Oil your hammer drill

Your cordless hammer drill has a lot of moving parts. These all need to be oiled occasionally to maintain its smooth functioning. You can use standard lubricating oil on your drill.

PRO TIP: Pay particular attention to the chuck. It is arguably an essential part of your drill.

Do not forget to store your battery, drill bits and other auxiliary hammer drill parts is a safe, accessible place.

  • Use sharp drill bits

Dulled bits increase the chances of injury caused during operations. They are not only ineffective in accomplishing your task but also put you at risk of injury and jamming or potentially spoiling your hammer drill.

  • Create a safe work space by using your tool as recommended by the manufacturer


Are these tools drill or hammer?

The cordless hammer drill can perform drill, drive and hammer functions. This ability is not exclusive to all of them. The rotary hammer drill, for example, differs from the other hammer drills. You may want to confirm what activity is to be accomplished before purchasing one of these.

What kind of surface can I drill with such a tool?

Well, drill hammers are designed to go through most construction materials. A good number can drill through concrete, metal, wood, porcelain and other material. You should, however, pay attention to the specifications on your tool. Some of these drills are not designed for extremely heavy duty operations.

How long will a fully charged battery last me?

Depending on the intensity of work you are doing, a battery may last you a day or a few hours. The more aggressive the task, the faster the charge will drain. However, some of these hammer drills come with indicators to let you know when your drill needs a recharge. Others come with a fast charge battery that gets a full charge in less than an hour. You may choose to get a backup battery to eliminate those overlaps when you have to wait for your artery to charge.

What material is the chuck made of?

In some hammer drills, the chuck is an all metal material. In other models, the chuck might be a polymer or plastic. This is not a cause for worry. As long as it is well designed and attached to the drill, there is no cause for alarm.

Are these drills slide style or post-style batteries?

Both. Some drills come with slide style, while others come with post style batteries. What amperage are the batteries? They vary based on the manufacturer. You may decide to purchase your battery from the same drill supplier or a different one. Pay close attention to the power details to ensure you find a battery compatible with your tool.

How many modes does a hammer drill have?

Technically, they have three modes: drill for putting holes through materials, drive for fastening screws and hammer for hammering in parts.

Can I drill through concrete or metal?

Yes and no. Yes because these drills are made to go through heavy duty materials. No, because you need first to determine what type of drill you have and if the specs allow for heavy-duty work.

Can I shine my car using this hammer drill?

With the appropriate extension, you may be able to shine your car exterior. This might be overkill for hammer drills with high torque measurements.

What does brushless mean?

Brushed and brushless motors both may be used to operate the drill. The key difference is in the total power output while during operation. The motor is designed for minimal energy lost therefore a more efficient drill. Brushless motors offer better heat dispersion and high sustained speeds.


Deciding on a cordless hammer drill is not as simple as you’d think. You must determine what your needs are and compare them to what is available in the market. Doing so will help you decide on a cordless hammer drill model that suits your current and possibly future operational requirements.

This is not a process that needs to be rushed. Be sure to scrutinize every aspect of the drill. You are making a commitment to this tool for a long time. Ensure your decision is based on what suits you best.

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