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Best Laser Level for Tiling – Honest Comparison and Reviews

Precision is the name of the game when it comes to surveying and construction. That’s the main reason why engineers invest in their tools.

Best Laser Level for Tiling – Honest Comparison and Reviews
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Precision is the name of the game when it comes to surveying and construction. That’s the main reason why engineers invest in their tools. One of these tools is a laser level that is utilized to level off any surface.

In case you didn’t know yet, laser levels measure and control the devices that utilize laser beams supported by either a rotation or stationary tripod. They are important in charting vertical or horizontal lines. Laser levels serve a similar function.

Imagine yourself having endeavored to place tiles inside your kitchen only to realize you got everything wrong. This is where a laser level comes in handy. This device will help you prevent that situation. It will tell you where to put specific things that result in flawless alignment.

However, you will find different versions accessible in the market nowadays. How can you know which laser level is perfect for your job? Before you buy the first one you see in the market, make sure you understand first the options available to you.

This review is intended for people like you who wish to know the best laser level for tiling.

Best Laser Level for Tiling in April, 2021

Below you will find an unbiased and honest review of the top three best laser levels for tiling. Read carefully so you can understand what to buy for your next purchase.

Tacklife SC-L01-50 – Best for Tile Work

Overall Description

Tacklife SC-L01-50 comes with two features, that is the self-leveling laser that is horizontal in shape, and at the same time the vertical one. The laser here is a cross-line one to be specific. Its base is magnetic and at the same time, it has a pouch used to carry it with the battery also included in the package.

If you are going to use this indoor, you must expect the laser to turn red. If you are using this in the outdoor, the color of the laser will turn into green. One feature of this Tacklife SC-L01-50 is the so-called leveling system with the use of a smart pendulum. Here, all you need to do is click on the button at the top. By doing so, you will be able to turn on as well as activate the beam.

Regarding its outside appearance, the Tacklife SC-L01-50 is very handy. You can easily grip it because it is not that large. It is lightweight but it is not very small. On the other hand, it is also not very big, so it just fits your hand grip. There is also a nylon zipper that you can use to open and close the storage. So, it is protected from any unnecessary movement and scratches.

As to the content of the package, it contains a tool, a base that is designed with magnet, batteries, and it comes with a handy bag. If you do not know how to operate it, a manual is available for you to read and it is written in English. You are also given a service card and a service deal within a period of 24 months. This deal is perfect for holiday seasons and thanksgiving parties.

Performance and Technical Issues

This product is best used indoors. The reason is that its light is perfect and brings when used inside your house or room. If you are looking at an angle of 30 feet, the lines are better seen and are truly visible. If you will look at it a farther distance, it is even much visible.

The feature of this product that allows it to alert whenever necessary is really true. But the only problem is that it took a while for the person operating it to understand how it works. But upon careful reading of the manual, you will understand how this works perfectly.

Recommended or Not?

With the performance and technicalities of the product, which actually match the overall description, impression, packaging and the like, it is recommended for purchase.


  • Easy to use
  • Perfect quality
  • Bright, visible lines


  • Controls in not so obvious

Bosch GTL2 – Perfect Laser Level for Beginners

Overall Description

If you are looking for a perfect tool in making markings on a specific door or wall inside your house, then you are looking at the Bosch GTL2 Laser. It has two lasers which you can choose what to use in marking. You do not have to worry because the markings are visible at a distance of about 30 feet from the place of origin. It is perfect even if you are standing at a far distance.

The factor of this product that keeps it visible even at a far distance is the so-called laser chalk. It is a chalk line that is designed to brighten the line so that a person looking at it from a distance will not find it difficult to see.

Performance and Technical Issues

Regarding its performance, you need not worry because the batteries are strong enough to last for a long time. Even if you are using it most of the time, it is not used up in an instant.

There are lasers whose batteries are easily and immediately used up, but the Bosch GTL2 Laser is one of a kind. It is awesome! The AA batteries can last for a long time, and you do not have to change it from time to time.

As to how to use it, there is no need for the manual because it is very much easy to use. Just look at the parts and the controls and you will immediately understand and pick up how to use and maneuver it.

Recommended or Not?

So many people are using this and the product is recommendable to all other customers looking for a perfect tool to create squares and lines on their walls and floor. You just have to make some adjustments when used on the floor, but on your wall, this product is just so perfect.


  • Good for beginners
  • Easy to handle
  • Affordable


  • The laser is not that bright when used on the floor

Bosch GTL3 – Most Functional Product

Overall Description

Are you familiar with GTL2 Laser? If yes, then this Bosch GTL3 is a professional version of it. What is expected with the GTL3 is that it can perform a lot better compared to GTL2. The light of the GTL3 is brighter compared to the old GTL2. It is perfect even in edges of the parts of your house.

It addressed the problem of GTL2 when used on the floors. As compared to GTL2, this product can be very visible even if it is used on the floors.

Performance and Technical Issues

Regarding its performance, Bosch GTL3 is more accurate when it comes to the measurements. There is a wide range of precision when it comes to the exact numbers during measurements. Many people love using this compared to the old GTL2. They believe that if they are going to invest, this is the more useful one and recommendable, which means your money will not be wasted at all.

As mentioned a while ago, it has a wide range of precision. It means that the product can project lines up to 90 degrees. These lines are placed on the front part of the product and what is the meaning of it? It is strategically placed there to create a perfect center.

The laser lines are very visible and bright. You can never go wrong in choosing the Bosch GTL3 because it is perfect for both the walls and the floors. The product is also durable, which means even if it falls, it cannot be broken easily.

Recommended or Not?

Even if the red lasers cannot be seen outdoors, it is still recommendable because you can provide for remedies when it comes to this problem. You may use red laser glasses to see the lines when being used outside. Apart from that, the product is recommendable for purchase because of the wide range of advantages it has.


  • Easy to use and to understand
  • Waterproof
  • Strong magnets


  • N/A

Best Laser Level for Tiling – Buying Guide

How to pick a laser level for tiling?

Below are some of the factors you need to consider when picking the best laser level for tiling:

  • Mounting Thread – The majority of laser levels could be attached to a standard tripod.
  • IP Rating – This refers to the sealing of a product, as well as its efficacy at stopping the intrusion of foreign bodies.
  • Laser Detectors – The decision to buy a laser detector depends on the types of applications you like to utilize your laser level for.
  • Visibility and Accuracy Range – An accurate laser level can identify the leveling of a working ground by a fraction of an inch. On the other hand, visibility ranges are all about the distance the laser could be perceived with the naked eye.
  • Dual –Beam vs. Horizontal Lasers – Dual-beam lasers emit two beams. The majority of these laser levels have single buttons for the two beams. Horizontal lasers emit a single laser beam. They are practical for checking floor leveling.

What are the different types of laser levels?

Plumb Lasers / Dot Lasers

This laser level projects multiple or single reference dots on the ground surface. It runs the same way as a plumb bob and a water level, only more precise for longer distances. The only concern is that they have shorter ranges.

Rotary Laser Levels

This type of laser level projects a level line. This is highly precise and is perfect for outdoor projects like laying pipes and foundations or grading roads. A rotary laser is much powerful than a line laser. However, it’s costlier and bulkier too. A single unit could cost somewhere between 250 to 2,000 dollars.

Line Lasers

This type of laser level presents a straight line from point to point. It can project numerous lines depending on the model of the laser line level. Thus, it allows you to check for “squareness” and “straightness.” These are normally compact, and it could be attached to ladders.

Can I check the calibration myself?

Of course. However, take note that it’s important to understand how the levels work. The fundamental way of doing this is by projecting the dot or beam on one wall, at least five to ten meters away. Shift the level by 180 degrees and ensure if it lines up along with other lines.

How often should I calibrate my laser level?

The majority of the self-leveling laser levels don’t need to be calibrated. Nonetheless, you could bring it to an accredited shop every six months for a checkup if you wish to be certain.

Is there a difference between a red and green laser?

The eye of the human could see green light much better compared to red. Therefore, green lasers could be seen at longer distances. Both red and green laser is hard to be spotted when utilized outside. This is true, especially in bright light, and it would need a laser detector.

Do laser levels ruin the eyes?

Take note that such levels utilize Class 2 diodes that could be seen by the naked eye. However, its beams are low power only. That means it cannot cause eye damage unless a person stares directly into the origin of the beam.

What are the applications of a laser level?

A laser level can be utilized for layout projects, which need high accuracy. Some typical uses include installations of sewer pipes, ceiling tiles, or even as basic as the installation of chair railings. You can also utilize this device indoors. Some of its uses are the following:

  • Matchpoints on both the ceiling and the floor
  • Utilize a tripod to set up trims and cabinets
  • Install chair rails and wainscoting in home
  • Utilize line lasers to check for window or door heights
  • Make sure the walls are straight and perpendicular with the help of a 3-beam line laser
  • Level the floors with a single-line laser beam

What are the typical accessories of a laser level?

You might like to buy the following if you want to enhance the performance of your laser level:

  1. Leveling rods and staff making the device leveling simpler
  2. Laser detectors for outdoor use
  3. Tripods for keeping the device stable

Bottom Line

Laser levels are, no doubt, a massive upgrade over standard ones. They could level themselves and enable you to set up level and square gridwork designs. That, in turn, will make your life simpler when on the work. They are ideal for installing cabinets, chair rails, studs, and cutouts, among others. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find the laser level for the tiling you have in mind after reading this article.

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