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Best Lightweight Drill for a Woman (Or Anyone Else) – Complete Reviews

A handheld drill is a great companion for the modern woman. Whether you need it for DIY projects or for fixing knick-knacks around the house, you want to have a reliable drill for the job.

Best Lightweight Drill for a Woman (Or Anyone Else) – Complete Reviews
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A handheld drill is a great companion for the modern woman. Whether you need it for DIY projects or for fixing knick-knacks around the house, you want to have a reliable drill for the job.

The most suitable drill should be cost-effective. Good enough to withstand all the jobs you need it for, but not have too many capabilities that would inflate the price. It’s easy to overspend on power tools.

Below, you’ll find our recommendations for the best lightweight drill for women. If you know someone who would like them, these drills would also make great Christmas presents.

Best Lightweight Drills that Can Be Used by a Woman in April, 2021

Bosch Power Tools Drill Driver Kit DDB181-02 – Best Performance

In the set, you’ll find the drill, one screwdriving bit, two 1500 mAh lithium-ion batteries, a charger, and a contractor bag.

The Bosch drill has 18 volts and a maximum torque of 350 in/lbs, which is a whole lot of power packed in a 3-pound drill. This combination makes it ideal for professional work that needs to be done overhead.

These same features also make it great for women. If you find most higher-end drills to be heavy, and yet you need a drill for heavier domestic work, this should be a great investment.

This drill is packed with many amenities. For example, it has an LED light that can help when working in poorly-lit or tight spaces. It also has a durable housing that reduces the shock effect of drilling. This increases the longevity of the device and makes it more comfortable to work with.

Unfortunately, some customers report a faulty device that generates smoke or doesn’t work as expected. There’s no way to tell if these customers used the product properly, but the customer service is generally very responsive.

Try the product often during the warranty period. If you see any problems, stop using it immediately and contact the manufacturer.

Bosch has great customer service and support. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, plus a 1-year warranty. If you find anything wrong with your device, it’s likely that they will repair it or replace it with a new one free of charge.


  • Powerful and lightweight
  • ½-inch chuck size fits most bits
  • Extra battery included
  • LED light
  • Ergonomic grip design
  • Helpful customer service


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty work (e.g. concrete or bricks)
  • Battery recharge time may be slow
  • Some devices may be faulty, but you can contact Bosch for a replacement.

Pink Power Drill PP182 18V Cordless – Perfect fow a Woman

This set comes with a drill, a charger, two NiCad batteries, and a contractor case, all in pink!

Like the Bosch, it has an LED light attached that turns on when you press the trigger. It also features a built-in lever for more accuracy and a magnetic base for collecting lost screws.

The drill has the recommended 18 volts and adequate torque. It’s more suitable for light-to-moderate use around the house. It has 2-speed options and 16 torque settings.

It weighs around 3.5 pounds with the batteries in, so it’s rather light. The NiCad batteries used in this drill are more durable than li-ion batteries, but the cadmium involved in making them is toxic and needs to be recycled properly. A replacement battery is hard to find, but you can get one from the same manufacturer.

The battery charger tends to overheat, so caution is advised. In case of charger trouble, contact the manufacturer for a replacement.

The drill is quite affordable and comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Cute appearance
  • 18V, adequate power
  • LED light
  • Magnetic base
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Affordable
  • 1-year warranty


  • Toxic battery. Discard with care
  • Charger may overheat. Contact manufacturer in case of malfunction

Nordstrand Pink Cordless Drill Set – Best Accessories

This bright pink set contains a 12V drill, one battery, a charger, 12 attachments, a pair of safety glasses, and a carry case. It’s an ideal starter kit for women inexperienced with power tools, and the price is a bargain.

This set makes DIY easy. You can use it to hang pictures and shelves, build furniture, repair a bike, attach a license plate, or other similar jobs.

It’s very light and handy around the house. However, it doesn’t have enough power for tougher materials, so use it accordingly.

The contractor case has enough space for the whole set, but it may not be sturdy enough for your needs. If you need to move around with the case, you may wish to buy another one.

This set takes the comfort of the inexperienced user in mind. With the wide assortment of bits, the LED light, and even the safety glasses, you wouldn’t need any other additions to start working right away.


  • Lightweight
  • Bold pink color
  • 12 attachments
  • Safety glasses
  • LED light
  • Just enough power for DIY projects
  • Comfortable grip


  • Only one battery
  • Limited power
  • Carry case isn’t durable

Best Lightweight Drills in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Buying a drill can get complicated. There are a lot of brands and models to choose from, each with their own set of specifications. A good drill set can be handy if you need to bore a hole, loosen or tighten screws, or even for scraping off debris.

Consider the kind of job you’d need the drill for, then scroll down below to understand the most common specs.

Corded vs. Cordless

Corded drills, as the name implies, have a cord. They also provide more power and can withstand tougher materials. They’re favored by professionals for their solid built, even though they aren’t easy to maneuver and would require a power outlet. The power of a corded drill is measured in Amperes.

Cordless drills are perhaps the most popular of power tools because they provide the most maneuverability. You can take them anywhere and not have to worry about finding a power outlet. They are limited by the battery capacity, which is why it’s a good idea to have a spare. The power of battery-operated drills is measured in volts.


The voltage is simply how much power the drill has, which also affects the battery type. Light-duty drills range from 6V to 12V. They’re best used for small household projects.

Medium power drills can be anywhere between 12V and 18V. Heavy-duty drills are over 18V, sometimes reaching up to 36V.

We recommend an 18V drill, which is suitable for most household chores, and even some professional applications.


Voltage isn’t the only measure of power. The torque is the rotational force that the drill can apply on a surface. The harder the surface you’re working with, the higher the torque you’ll need. Torque is measured in Newton-meter (Nm), or inches/pounds (in-lbs) in the US.

Recently, voltage and torque were combined in a single measurement, called Unit Watts Out, or power UWO. This helps you compare the power of different drills quickly.

Brushed vs. Brushless Motors

Brushless motors have less internal friction. They can sense the resistance of the object you’re drilling and use power accordingly. This makes them more efficient and long-lasting.

Brushless motors are also lighter and quieter. They typically use a lithium-ion battery and are more expensive than regular brushed motors.

Chuck Size

Chuck size determines the maximum size of drill bits (attachments) you can use. The most common chuck sizes are ⅜-inch and ½-inch. Larger bits are typically reserved for more demanding jobs.

The chuck size is an upper limit for the shank size you can use since wider shanks require bigger bits. It’s also a good indication of the drill’s power and capability. More powerful drills have a larger chuck size.


Most lightweight drills have lithium-ion batteries. Look for drills that come with a spare, so you can switch between them on the job.

If you’re using the drill for driving screws, the battery will last much longer. Drilling tough materials is what empties the battery quickly.

Of course, a brushed motor would use up the battery regardless of what you’re using it for.


Besides the light weight, ergonomic grips are the main feature of drills designed for women. Keep an eye out for comfortable grips, cushioned grips, and so on.

You’re going to be holding the drill for a long time, so it’s better to make sure it’s comfortable.

Wrap Up

The right drill for you depends on the type of work you’ll be doing. For heavy domestic work and light professional work, the Bosch Power Tools Drill Driver Kit DDB181-02 is a great option.

For moderate use, go for the Pink Power Drill PP182 18V Cordless.

If you only need a drill for the occasional DIY project, the Nordstrand Pink Cordless Drill Set delivers the most value for money.

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