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Best Multimeter Under $100 – STUNNING Real Comparison

If you’re an electronic technician or an engineer, you must realize the importance of a good multimeter.

Best Multimeter Under $100 – STUNNING Real Comparison
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If you’re an electronic technician or an engineer, you must realize the importance of a good multimeter. Because it measures voltage, current, and resistance, you’ll need to use it every day in your work.

However, choosing the right multimeter needs some research on your part. You should make sure it’s durable, efficient, and not too pricey.

In this article, we’ll give you a hand by suggesting our top 3 best multimeters under $100. We’ll discuss their features, benefits, and several tips you might need.

Best Multimeters Under $100

Amprobe AM-530 TRMS Multimeter – Best Overall

The first noteworthy option on our list is this incredible multimeter by Amprobe. It’s specially built for a professional electrical contractor. You might be wondering why it’s so special. This is because it measures voltage, resistance, temperature, and much more.

Let’s dive into these amazing features and discuss them in-depth.

Interface and Display

The first thing you’ll deal with is the interface of this multimeter. The interface is clear and easy to deal with, with large numbers and icons. Also, the display is 4000-count.

We also like how the LCD display can be easy to read even at an angle or under bright light.

Build and Materials

You might be interested to know that this multimeter has a durable plastic build. You can tell by looking at it that it has a great design, with tight tolerances on the enclosure and almost no gaps. The rear of the multimeter case has probe clips to make it easier for you to handle it.

Also, it’s lightweight, weighing only 12.5 ounces.

If you’re wondering about protection, this multimeter features a tight-fitting rubber boot. This keeps it from damage if dropped.


The best thing about the multimeter is its accuracy. You can measure voltage, resistance, and temperature either manually or automatically.

It also measures both AC and DC currents with precision.

Besides, there’s a built-in LED flashlight that only works when you’re using the multimeter. This prevents it from accidentally working while kept in the toolbox.


This feature allows you to detect the presence of voltage in wires without contact. For instance, it comes in handy when checking the power in cable runs inside walls. Also, it checks the presence of current in power socket outlets, switches, and more without baring the wires.


  • Large LCD display
  • Lightweight
  • Measures voltage, temperature, current, and resistance
  • True RMS
  • VoltSense non-contact detector
  • Equipped with useful LED flashlight
  • Midrange price


  • Slow automatic ranging
  • Relatively short battery life (150 hours)
  • Backlight stays on for only 25 at a time

AstroAI Digital Multimeter – Best Value for the Price

Our second suggestion is this wonderful, high-performance multimeter. It might be your best bet if your work takes long hours outdoors.

Want to know more about its remarkable features? Let’s start our detailed review.


This multimeter is equipped with a large digital display. Also, if you intend to use it in dim areas, it features a backlit LCD screen.

Another thing we like is that it has a data-hold function. It allows you to freeze the data on the screen until you’ve finished working with it.

Build and Materials

The most noticeable thing about this multimeter is that it has a durable exterior. It’s made of strong plastic, and there’s some useful padding around the screen to prevent slippage

Also, you might like how it’s equipped with a magnet at the back. This lets you place it wherever you want as you finish the task at hand. It also features a kickstand to keep it upright.

We also liked the built-in explosion-proof ceramic fuse tubes. They can protect the multimeter in case you dropped it.


There’s no doubt that this multimeter’s performance outranks almost any other option. For starters, it measures a wide variety of variables. These include voltage, AC/DC currents, resistance, temperature, continuity, frequency, and capacitance. You can also use it to run tests on diodes and transistors. Besides, it features professional-level auto-ranging and True RMS to get accurate data.

Multi-Function Socket

This feature makes the AstroAI multimeter stand out amongst all the other options. The multi-function socket should allow you to measure both transistors and capacitors.


  • True RMS for accurate voltage and AC measurement
  • Solid build
  • Double protection
  • Large LCD display
  • Equipped with a magnet and a kickstand
  • Ideal for commercial settings and long workdays
  • Affordable price


  • The magnet can pick up metal objects like nuts, pins, etc.

Klein Tools MM600 Multimeter – Best Performance

Our last suggestion for a digital multimeter is this nice one by Klein Tools. We don’t only like it for its high performance, but also because it’s built to endure wear and tear.

You can come along while we uncover its premium features.


The display on this multimeter is large and easy to read. Also, it’s equipped with a backlight to provide you with data in a dimly-lit room.

Build and Materials

What we like the most about this multimeter is its strong body. It’s made of durable ABS, which allows it to withstand a 6.6-foot drop. This can come in handy if you need to use it in a construction site. Also, its battery is accessible, and it comes with a fuse replacement compartment.

You might be thrilled about the additional things that you can get with this multimeter. You should find a carrying pouch, test leads, alligator clips, and a thermocouple with an adapter.

You’ll also find 9V Lithium batteries as the power source.


Aside from being able to measure many variables, other factors make this multimeter awesome.

First of all, you can use it in basic or controlled electromagnetic environments. These locations include residential, commercial, and light-industrial places. Secondly, it uses premium-quality technology for accurate measuring. You can use it to measure voltage, resistance, AC/DC, temperature, frequency, and much more. You can also switch between automatic and manual ranging.


  • Made of durable materials
  • Accurate test results
  • Clear display
  • Can be used in various environments
  • Auto-ranging and manual ranging available
  • Premium performance


  • Might be too pricey for a hobbyist
  • Magnet holder isn’t included
  • The interface might need some time to get used to

Best Cheap Multimeter under $100 – Buyer’s Guide

If you’re a beginner, a hobbyist, or new to the field, you should have enough knowledge of how to use a multimeter properly.

A multimeter combines many functions in one tool. As you know by now, it works to measure 3 main values: current, resistance, and voltage.

Instead of buying one measuring tool for each one of these values, you can easily use a multimeter. Additionally, many multimeters can measure more things like temperature, frequency, and more.

How can an electrician benefit from a digital multimeter as opposed to an analog one? We’ll find out by listing these advantages below.

  • More accurate than an analog multimeter
  • Reduces reading errors by providing a clear display
  • No wear and shock failures
  • Doesn’t require zero-adjustment
  • You can use it to test diodes, transistors, and capacitors
  • Comes with an auto-ranging feature
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • More durable


What are the precautions in handling and using multimeters?

There are several things you need to do to keep yourself safe while using a multimeter.

  • Try not to drop it too often
  • Don’t overload it
  • Make sure the range switch is in the right position before connecting the multimeter to a circuit
  • Check the circuit connection before applying power to the multimeter
  • Don’t touch the probe tips to each other while in use
  • Don’t switch settings while the multimeter is connected to the circuit

How do you maintain a multimeter?

The right maintenance should keep your multimeter accurate for as long as possible. Make sure you follow these tips.

  • Keep it away from dust, heat, fumes, and moisture
  • Ensure the polarity of the circuit before measuring
  • Renew the batteries every now and then
  • When measuring resistance, make sure the power is off in the circuit
  • Start with the highest range of measurement then move down to prevent overloading

In Conclusion

As an electrician, you can’t get any work done without a good multimeter. You should be looking for high performance, durable materials, and a suitable price.

If you’re wondering about our top pick, we think that the Amprobe Multimeter could be your best option.

Not only does it have great features, but it’s also moderately-priced. It can be the perfect companion to your inner hobbyist.

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