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Best Router Table for The Money – Comprehensive Reviews

Many tools are large, and take up lots of space, which can only be used for cutting blocks of wooden pieces. Router tables are different and best for those who want to make intricate cuts to form geometric shapes that would likely be impossible to do with your other instruments.

Best Router Table for The Money – Comprehensive Reviews
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Do you sometimes build your own furniture, or create wooden items from your garage? If so, then you’re probably aware of all the different cutting tools and machines that are sold to help you do this smoothly.

Many tools are large, and take up lots of space, which can only be used for cutting blocks of wooden pieces. Router tables are different and best for those who want to make intricate cuts to form geometric shapes that would likely be impossible to do with your other instruments.

Below are ten of the best router tables that you’ll find anywhere, including at your local home improvement stores. They were chosen for reliability, power, and ease of assembly. And when you’re done with that, observe the Comparison Table and tips featured in the Buyer’s Guide. At the conclusion, the best two products are named, along with a brief account of what makes them special.

Fine Tune Your Woodworking Projects With These Quality Router Tables!

KREG PRS1045 – Top Pick

The KREG Precision Router Table System is built to last for years after you’ve bought the unit. Its assembly process is easy enough to do it with little help from an instruction manual. The key is in the small attributes.

It has slots on the base of the table itself, of which other tools can be fitted to the unit. The legs are also great and won’t bend on you too early in its lifetime.

If you like router tables that have little vibration and keep the noise level down, the KREG is highly recommended.

There are a few things that could be improved, though it’s nothing worth considering another brand over if you’re already sold on this device. The hose featured on the table may come off when you’re in the middle of work. If this happens, expect to clean up a bit if anything falls on the floor.

And looking at the fence, you’ll notice bolts placed on their exterior. If you attempt to remove these, chances are high that the tips will strip, meaning you won’t be able to place them back on. If concerned about this, then separately acquired bolts would be the best way to make it a non-issue.

Overall, there’s not much else to complain about the KREG. It’s powerful, built at just the right weight to absorb annoying vibrations from the router, and easy to put together. You should have this one high on your list for purchase, and woodworking will become a manageable process that anyone can enjoy.


  • The fast and straightforward assembly process
  • There are slots located throughout the table that can be used to attach multiple accessories
  • Legs are made from dense steel and difficult to bend


  • The hose for gathering dust has a tendency to come off at times
  • The bolts that rest on the fence are small and may strip with little pressure applied

Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 – Best Router Table For Carpenters

The Bosch Benchtop Router Table is a safety man/woman’s dream come true. It has everything you will need to keep yourself from injuring yourself, and enough space in between the fences to know what you’re doing at all angles.

The dust bin is also good, situated along the back. In fact, it clears away dust so good, you’re likely to not require a lengthy cleanup after you’re finished working.

Although it would have been better had the legs been made of metal, like the chair, you’re still getting a top-shelf router table with the Bosch.

Where is it lacking? That’s hard to find. But some may not like the material of the legs. They’re plastic and could end up being the first thing that gets damaged after you’ve had it for a while.

If too much weight is added to your router table, then the legs will weaken, making breakage likely. Don’t put anything too heavy on the table when working, and avoid handling roughly to prevent damages from happening. And the featherboards, while decent, will be a pain if you’re cutting wood that’s big.

In short, if you think an item you want to cut is too big for the router table, then it probably is. Regardless, the Bosch Benchtop Router also rank high and is the second best choice for anyone that doesn’t want to shop around for too long. Your cutting will be error-free, and for some, that’s the only thing that matters.


  • Lots of different safety features
  • Comes with high quality knobs that should last years without getting damaged
  • A dust collection slot on the rear keeps the workstation clean and free of debris


  • Legs are not metal (plastic) and may bend under too much weight
  • The feather boards are nearly impossible to use when cutting large items

Skil RAS900 Router Table – Most Comfort Choice

The Skil Router Table is very customizable and features a front piece that you can use for small items, as a temporary storage area.

The featherboard is especially nice and positioned in a way that makes precision cuts go through smooth, with little need for a second pass.

The key to the design is the legs though, which fold in and allow the device to rest in a small storage area. But get ready to see scratches on the top of the table; they will show after you’ve used it for a couple of times.


  • A large drawer for placing small items is fixed into the front of the table
  • Featherboards are positioned perfectly
  • The legs fold into themselves, making the entire set a breeze to place in a temporary storage location


  • The top portion of the table scratches and stains easily

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table – Perfect For DIYers

The Kreg Bench Top Router Table is very wide and great for people that need one with a large area for the hands and arms.

It’s also a good choice if you’re planning on mounting the unit, as the holes are positioned in locations that made the bolts go in or out quickly.

You won’t have to strain yourself by reaching into an awkward position to get fixed onto your larger working stand.

And the height can also be changed. If you’re tall or short, the Kreg will keep your body fixed in the perfect position for you to work.


  • The stand is very wide, helping to keep the user’s movements steady
  • Suitable for mounting (good for DIYers)
  • Height can be altered from the table itself


  • The bottom legs of the table are shaped in a way that makes it a chore to mount on a higher stand
  • Detailed work requires slower movement due to the sensitive fence (easy to move with little force)

Craftsman 4625233– Best Router and Router Table Combo

The Craftsman Router Table is another unit with outstanding dimensions for tall or short users. And if your garage or work area is small, then make this one your final choice.

And while it’s small, there’s still enough room for you to cut comfortably without feeling any pain in the arms.

But it’s pretty heavy to carry. Additionally, the particle board from which the table is made of may warp if stored improperly. If you don’t mind this or have a good storage location for the table, then you shouldn’t have any problems with the Craftsman.


  • Its dimensions are a good size for people that must work in confined spaces
  • High-quality router included that provides precise cuts
  • Few passes needed in order to make smooth trims


  • The table is made of particle board and may lose its shape after long term heavy use
  • Because of its weight, hard to cut large pieces

Goplus Electric Aluminum Router Table – Best For Mounting

The Goplus Electric Router Table is another piece built for mounting, having strong legs that assemble without much trouble.

The dimensions are also small but manageable when you’re working. If you want to take your router table with you to cut in different locations, then the size is good enough for you to carry around for transport without becoming a nuisance.

Recommended for carpentry or woodworking projects that will take place in more than one setting.


  • There are holes for mounting the routers fixed into the unit
  • Clamps are featured with the package
  • The size and accessories make it a great piece for workers who must transport their router table to different places


  • Many adjustments are likely to be needed to get the table in working order
  • Not compatible with many routers (without adjusting)

Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax – Best Low-Vibration Router Table

The Bench Dog Tools ProMax has numerous mod point location along the base, making it suggested for DIYers that anticipate adding more to their router table.

Its fences can be changed, meaning you can move them around as you work. It’s a good thing to have when you’re alternating between large and small wood pieces.

Furthermore, the table itself is weighted down and keep the shaking level low. The likelihood of making a mistake from unwanted movement is low, and your hands will thank you once you’re finished with an assignment.


  • There are numerous modification points to get the router level
  • The fence can also be moved without issue and braced into a fixed position
  • The router table is weighted, thereby minimizing vibrations that would otherwise risk imprecise cuts


  • Not easy to mount (help is suggested because of the weight)
  • No mounting plate included with the product

Benchtop Router Table with 1-3/4 HP Router – Best For Beginners

The Benchtop Router Table with 1-3/4 HP includes a router with the product. While it’s not the only once from the list to do so, the piece featured here is great in terms of durability and power.

Never will you need to replace it with another one, and you’ll never have to look for additional tools to get started on woodworking. Everything is here in one buy.

If you wish, you can also take off the fence for any odd cutting projects, and there’s no lengthy setup time once it arrives at your door.


  • The fence can be removed
  • The table is thick and won’t warp over a short period, even if used on a daily basis
  • Little assembly required


  • Unless fasted well to a mounting location, lots of noise will ensure when cutting anything that’s thicker than half an inch

XtremepowerUS Deluxe – Good Table For Dust Collection

The XtremepowerUS Deluxe Bench Top Router is suggested for anyone that likes measurement indentations of their table, the kind that doesn’t rub off over time or break away.

You can get quick measurement while you’re working, cutting down on the amount of time it will take you to finish assignments. And it’s aluminum but not too thin, so rusting won’t occur early in your time with the unit.

It’s very light, so be prepared to add a little more weight to the table when you’re setting it up for the first time. This may also make vibrations pretty strong if not done carefully.


  • Two dust collection slots embedded on both side of the table
  • A scale is house on the table to speed up indexing
  • Made out of aluminum (the table) and steel (legs)


  • For users switching from a heavy router table, this unit could be too light to use without utilizing additional reinforcement

Trim Compact Router Table – Perfect For Small Woodworking

The Trim Router Table is much smaller than the products shown already. In fact, it’s probably the smallest router table you’re seen.

But this is also very advantageous. You can cut very small pieces of wood, getting results that would be much harder with larger tables. It also has good dust collection, and the debris level stays clear enough to not require a stop in the middle of cutting.

This is for small jobs, and you will need something to attach it to before you begin, preferably a plank of some sort. If you have one, then the Trim is great for people that need to work with very small wooden items.


  • Outstanding dust collection leave hardly any trace of residue on the table’s surface
  • Small enough to not get in the way of a crowded working area
  • Built for small woodworking proposals


  • To get the item prepared for work, a separate piece of plank must be used to fasten it to a larger work surface
  • The fence has no measuring indentations of its body

Best Benchtop Router Table – Buyer’s Guide

Because router tables are varied in size and dimensions with every model sold, it’s important that you obtain as much information about a product of interest as you can, before you buy.

That way, the chances of you getting a model that doesn’t meet your specifications when it arrives will be low. To help you ensure this, look at the tips below and take them into consideration as you go over the router tables mentioned in the reviews.


For many people, getting a router table involves acquiring one that can be mounted, while this isn’t always an issue for some, you will have to do so unless you purchase one that has a mount or legs long enough to make it unnecessary.

Mounting is usually done on a separate piece of wood or other larger furnishing. The easiest way to tell if your router table can be mounted is to look at the bottom of the legs, or the feet.

If you notice small holes around the base for screws, then you’re good to go. Just find bolts or screws to secure it flat and ensure they are tight, to avoid future mishaps when you’re cutting.

The Type of Projects you wish to use It For

Router tables and typically used for small carpentry projects, or woodworking. With the, you can create your own picture frames, design your own wooden artwork, or even build household items like cabinets or pieces for chairs. The possibilities are endless. Just remember that you should only expect to cut wood that is small in size.

Anything that cannot fit in between the fences isn’t recommended to do with a router table. To go a step further, measure out some of the wooden pieces that you’ll be working with, and compare it to the space that the router table you want provides in between the fences themselves.

Most tables will include two or will tell you the clearance within the product’s description (look at the links next to the products in the evaluations above).


This is a common issue among people who use router tables heavily. A table that is vibrating too strongly will make work more difficult, the near impossible on a low-quality model.

Chances of slip-ups and irregularities in your cutting will also increase, and your work may end up taking a lot longer to finish than expected. Thankfully, there are some things that you can check on the router table, to tell if it would be a shaky experience for you if acquired.

The first is the quality of the legs. Legs that are thin and made of flimsy material tend to be the worst, although it’s fairly uncommon to have this on most router tables made recently. As you work on a piece of wood, a high-quality table will allow most of the vibrations to travel downward towards the legs without it being dormant on the top portion, which is where your hands are.

Storing the Unit Once You’re Done

If you value space if your working area, you should consider a router table that isn’t too large or contains features to make storage easier. Some models, including those that aren’t mountable, will have legs that can fold into each other. They operate with basic hinged in between the table’s base and the lower part of the body.

Just fold them into place, and place the router table in your storage location until you’re ready to work on another day.

Try to look for units that have strong hinges though, as this part may break if you use it on a daily basis with a cheap brand. And measure off the storage space if you need to; those with confined areas will especially need to do this before choosing one of the products featured.


Warping is another common problem with some router tables, If you don’t want this to happen to you, pick one that has a table made of dense wood or metal. Those that are thick tend to be the best, but thin aluminum may also bend over time.

More than likely, your table will never see this occur, so long as you take care of it and store properly when you’re finished with projects. The legs can also warp. Bending, as mentioned earlier, is the most common culprit but bad designs may also play a role.

Look for quality above everything else, and observe the table’s thickness around the legs and base when you see a brand that looks promising.

Working Area

It’s likely that you already know this, but your workstation should be prepared for the routing table. Many amateur carpenters have problems with other items getting in the way of their table, particularly when it’s mounting on the base that’s much larger than the unit.

To avoid injury, look at the other carpentry items you have around your workstation, and try to find a model that’s “flush” with the other pieces you have in the room. That way, cleanup will be much easier, and sawdust particles won’t end up all over your tools that aren’t being used at the moment.

Furthermore, if concerned with rusting, try not to place the table in a place that’s directly exposed to the element. If you’re working in a garage that’s partially exposed to the outside, it’s recommended that place it somewhere else when the task is done, to avoid corrosion.

Dust Collection

Most router tables are fitted with small containers that are built to collect dust or be hooked up with a larger hose. This piece is usually found on the back of the piece, and can very beneficial at keeping the workstation clean.

Having too many dust particles flying around the table, especially close to the cutting blades, is never a good idea. You could end up making lots of mistakes because of it, mostly when cutting wood that must be done with very sharp precision. Most of the router tables in the reviews feature an area that will keep the dust away, and this is a selling point that you will usually find on higher-end models.

The Router

The router is the motor that drives the cutting tool placed on the machine. Some router tables will feature one, while others leave it up to you to decide on a separately-bought model.

Unlike some other products that feature poor-quality accessories with their main unit, routers that are bundled with the table almost always top of the line. But for the DIY types that want to get the best of what’s available on the market, it’s perfectly fine if you want only the table. Just look at the picture on the product description to see if there’s once given with the brand.

You can also find this in the comparison table as well. Most routers are electronic, and the plug will be shown at the bottom of the router table’s photo for confirmation.


If you have an idea of what router table you want, do yourself a favor and look at the comparison table. If you missed it, it shows some of the basic differences that you’ll find on the ten items reviewed.

And if you’re still not sure what to buy, the best choices for your woodworking would be the KREG Precision and Bosch Benchtop Router Table systems (numbers one and two from the list). They contain everything that you will want (or need) in a router table and are built to last for years without you having the thought of needing a replacement.

Still, the other table is just as well and could be great for niche woodworking that involves work with smaller wood pieces or other auxiliary needs. But no matter what, these are the ten tables that you want to choose from before any others. If that’s okay with you, then get ready to spend lots of time in your garage!

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