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Best Sander to Remove Paint – Awesome Buyer’s Guide

Sanding of wood is not the first thing that comes to mind even when you are a homeowner, just like an activity like getting some dental work done or scraping of paint.

Best Sander to Remove Paint – Awesome Buyer’s Guide
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Sanding of wood is not the first thing that comes to mind even when you are a homeowner, just like an activity like getting some dental work done or scraping of paint. However, the job is unavoidable when you are an active enthusiast in the world of DIY projects.

The best sanders to pick are the electric ones, as they give you an opportunity to sand the wood quickly and smoothly without much trouble. You can get them in different types and sizes. We have highlighted the best three available.


TACKLIFE PRS01 Random orbit sander – Perfect for Hobbyists and DIY projects

If you are into DIY projects, then this may be the perfect paint remover for you. It gives you efficient work thanks to the 3.0 amps power that generates 13,000 orbits every minute. It is easy to power the machine, thanks to easy pressing down on the switch.

The collection of dust is of high performance, which gives you a clean working environment. Its design is also compact, allowing it to fit into tight spaces and help in easy control.

The machine has a 6 variable speed control, which allows you to work in a variety of speeds for every task. The microfilter system is built in and captures even the smallest dust particles and easier to separate when you are purifying the dust.


  • Its performance is efficient
  • It is easy to control
  • Affordable
  • The speed of the wheel is fixed


  • The cord is not as long as the others
  • The dust container does not seal tightly, so it can blow dust all over the place


Wagner 0513040 paint remover – Best for Wood

This is tough on paint, but it is gentle on your underlying surface. It’s disc that is high in performance and spun fiber functions at 2,600 RPM to give you the optimum combination of user control and disc performance.

Also, the open web design on the disc ensures you reduce the buildup of dust and paint. You can use it on the edge to remove paint chips or use it when flat to give you smooth edges that are sufficient for repainting.

The system has a 3M sun fiber disc and a PaintEater machine, which will work together to remove rough edges, remove paint, and smoothen various surfaces you are working on – including concrete, Masonite and wood.

The PaintEater allows you to prepare many surfaces outdoors, and the powerful 3.2 amp motor gives you sufficient power to remove stubborn paint and oxides at 2,600 RPM. The system also has a high performing abrasive that embeds into the fibers. The result is a combination of control, speed, performance, and power, so you do not need to worry about possibly damaging the surface.

The machine is able to adjust to different surfaces to give you different results, and you can even operate it on its edges to remove stubborn paint, or flat to smoothen the surface you are working on. Its outer edge enables you to access even the tightest corners, while the open web design reduces the buildup of dust and paint while gliding easily over screws without getting damaged.

You can also remove the disc easily without using extensive processes or tools for it, and the machine has an ergonomic design that allows you to hold it in different positions to reduce fatigue.


  • Efficient in its job
  • Easy to use even for hobbyists and beginners
  • The discs are durable and long lasting
  • You can control the tool easily


  • The plastic flip handle breaks off easily
  • The discs are not easy to replace because they are expensive


Makita 9903 8.8 Amp variable speed belt sander – Best Versatility

This sander combines speed and power because of the features that remain user-friendly and efficient for removing stock. It is, therefore, a good option for various types of furniture makers as well as general contractors.

It has an 8.8 AMP motor that gives you consistency in speed under load thanks to the electronic speed control. There is also less noise because of 84dB, and this makes it among the quiet sanders within its class.

Its variable speed control allows you to adjust the speed of what you are working on to the applications. Maneuvering it is not difficult because of the long cord, measuring 16.4 feet, giving you less trouble when trying to operate it.

There is an auto-tracking belt system, which gives you comfortable operation and gives you the ability to track the belt, even though you do not adjust it.You can also manage the dust as you work, thanks to the dust collector that is highly efficient. In addition, its low profile design will give you better balance, while the extended base allows you to place the sanding against the wall.


  • Lightweight
  • The cord is long, which allows for flexibility in operation
  • Its operation is quiet and smooth
  • The auto track feature is very good
  • Very good construction quality and well balanced


  • The motor exhaust blows its content when you are operating it
  • The dust outlet does not have a standard hose


Best Sander for Removing Paint – Buyer’s Guide

What to look for in a sander

The process of removing paint is not easy, and it takes patience to get the results you want. There are two types of sanders – belt and orbital sanders. The best way to remove it is by using a powerful sander, so there are factors you need to consider.

Orbital sanders are the most versatile, so they can be good for those on a budget but still want a versatile tool.

  • Power

You need great power when removing paint, so make sure you keep this in mind when looking for one. The ones that are above 6 AMP in their power rating are the ones that can handle the most amount of work.

  • The speed

Good sanders also have variable speed, which all give you the chance to control the machine, even when the surface you are working on is flat.

  • Speed locks

If you are working with an orbital sander, this feature will allow you to hold on to the sander while focusing on the task. You need to consider the sander that locks at the highest speed.

  • It should have a good collection system for dust and paint

No matter what surface you are working on and a sander you are using, it should have a secure vacuum attachment. You do not want to work with a machine that blows dust and paint all over the place and makes it hard to clean, so make sure you pay attention to this feature.

Types of sanders

There are various types that we will discuss below. Each of them is suitable for different needs and purposes.

  • Orbital sander

These usually have high OPMs (motions per minute), which gives you an idea of how quickly they complete the sanding process. They also have ergonomic handles to ensure you are comfortable handling them, and this makes them good when you are working on fine wood.

  • Arbitrary circle sander

This type is best for stripping paint off your furniture, as this is a harder process because of varnish settling between wood fibers. If you want to make the surface neat between coats of paint, it can also be a good choice. The circle changing ability needs also to be present, otherwise, the machine will be challenging to operate.

They also tend to work faster than a vibrating sander, but they will not remove as much paint. Search for their body setup, engine estimates, and their cushion measure. They should also have a tidy space to gather connection alternatives.

  • Shaft sanders

These are most suitable when you want to smoothen sharp edges and bends. They give you a more complete process of removing material, especially when you combine them with a belt sander.

Make sure to look for the belt strain modification, the positioning of the controls, the belt revolver, and the steel plate.

  • Belt sanders

This is the most common type, along with orbital sanders, as they offer the versatility of use to you and still retain high levels of efficiency. The features to look for include whether they have a platen for sanding surfaces, the dB of engine yield (this gives you the clamor of the engine) and adjusting abilities of the machine.

Others include whether the machine comes with a switch for speed control, as well as the accumulation space for dust and paint.

Final thoughts

Even though it was a tough choice to make, the Makita 99038.8 peed sander is the best fit. Not only does it have the best functionality on the list, but it also remains lightweight and smooth. The motor will also provide you with consistencies in speed and control.

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