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DEWALT 24000s Tile Saw Review: Pros and Cons

Do you need power tools that would make a difference in the quality of your work? Then, you might have heard of DEWALT and its quality tools such as the DEWALT 24000s Tile Saw.

DEWALT 24000s Tile Saw Review: Pros and Cons
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Do you need power tools that would make a difference in the quality of your work? Then, you might have heard of DEWALT and its quality tools such as the DEWALT 24000s Tile Saw. Since 1924, DEWALT makes an innovative approach to give consumers durable tools that make their work fast and easy.

Thanks to DEWALT’s creative team, we now have the 24000s that has a diamond coated blade that could cut any material.  Whether it’s ceramic or granite, the 24000s tile saw could cut it.  Most tile saws have corrosion-resistant materials so you can expect 24000s to be the same.


  • The wet tile saw could be used inside the home because it’s not messy.
  • Power and strong motor
  • Reliable water containment
  • The rail is light that makes it easy to use.
  • The wet tile saw provides easy and smooth cuts.
  • Durable and comfortable to use


  • The miter fence is small.
  • The small crevices make the saw clean up a hassle to clean.
  • You would hear a lot of noise in using the wet tile saw.
  • The extra trays are delicate.
  • It will be awesome if there’s a laser guide


Overall Description

The DEWALT 24000s Tile Saw is an electric tool that weighs 69 pounds and has a 10-inch blade. If you would cut 24 by 24-inch tiles, the 24000s tile saw gives you excellent result.

I’m surprised that the tile saw has 45 or 22.5 miter and plunge feature.  The 2 free placement water nozzles and water pan make the DEWALT 24000s easy to use. Also, you would like the stand of the DEWALT tile saw as it becomes an excellent and comfortable tool to use.

For stable and accurate cutting, the stainless steel rollers and cut line indicator are perfect.  Don’t forget that customers have comfortable transportation of the tile saw due to its compact saw frame.


For consumers, the 24000s has an excellent power source that makes it simple to use. The tile saw can cut stone, granite and other materials effortlessly. I think the blades make the work easy. You’re allowed to make 3-1/8 inch deep cuts that are suitable for cutting pavers and V-caps. The 45 to 22.5 miter enables you to make precise angular cuts.

That’s not all.

Wait until you see the stainless steel rail system that ensures that the cuts you make are accurate all the time. I’m thankful that the 24000s tile saw is portable. You can carry the tile saw anytime due to its saw frame body. So, you can expect that storing the tile saw would be fast and easy.


DEWALT has safe and excellent packaging process that makes it a reliable product. You can expect the tile saw has complete materials such as the blades, stainless steel rollers and more. Also, the shipped product includes two boxes that include the tile saw and the stand. I like the easy set-up of the tile saw that make it reliable.


DEWALT 24000s Tile Saw has durable and reliable materials that make it corrosion resistant. The blades are coated with a diamond powder that enables the saw to cut any material. Also, the stainless steel material on the saw frame gives you precise and accurate cuts.


Pro Tips

If you want to make the cutting process accurate, here are few tips and tricks in using the DEWALT 24000s Tile Saw:

  • Place the right connections of the wet tile saw such as the cord, nozzles and other parts.
  • Allow water to drain by lowering the bucket than the tile saw.
  • Use safety glasses in using the drip loop in the wet tile saw.
  • Make sure that no excess water would splash outside the drain tray.
  • Don’t forget to check if the water flows freely into the blade’s cutting end.
  • Make sure that the blade isn’t touching the tile when you turn on the saw.
  • Push the material into the blade.
  • Make sure that your hands don’t touch the saw’s blade when you’re cutting any material.

Recommended or Not?

DEWALT 24000s Tile Saw provides excellent cutting results that make it a reliable tool. It only weighs 69 pounds that make it easy to carry. The compact saw frame enables you to transport the tile easily and store it even in your car.

It’s a little expensive than other wet tile saws, but you have satisfaction in seeing any material being cut. You’re also allowed to make fast plunge cuts to A/C registers and electrical outlets using the saw. Also, the DELTA 24000s includes a stand that makes the cutting process easy.

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