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How to Sharpen a Chainsaw with a Grinder

Every household needs woods, don’t they? And you will need a chainsaw on cutting a whole big wood. You have the option of hiring someone to cut the lumber for you, or you can do the wood-cutting on your own.

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw with a Grinder
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Every household needs woods, don’t they? And you will need a chainsaw on cutting a whole big wood. You have the option of hiring someone to cut the lumber for you, or you can do the wood-cutting on your own. If ever you want to do it yourself, then you must know how to use a chainsaw properly. You don’t have to worry about that because the process can be learned even from the internet. Also, if you are the one to do this task, it will help you in saving your money and it will enhance your skills. With that, you get to learn something new, right?

Operating a chainsaw does not need you to have a license for it. It only requires you to have the basic knowledge and practice in using it. If you already know how to use it, then there is something more to learn. Operating a chainsaw does not only end up in knowing how to use it, but you should also know how to sharpen it and maintain its good condition. A grinder is a machine that you can use in sharpening your chainsaw. There are certain yet easy steps to follow in sharpening the chainsaw with the use of a grinder.

Easy Steps in Sharpening a Chainsaw

The first thing to do is to get a grinder for your chainsaw.

You have to find the right grinder that you will need. You can get one in a hardware store or even through online shops. If you are to work or doing this task at home, you might be needing the angle grinder because it can be handheld. Or if you want, you can buy the one that can be suitable for your table which has more stability and will give you a lesser risk. Also, owning a grinder is a good decision for it is a considerable investment for lifetime usage.

So, after you purchased the grinder you have to make sure to pick the safest place for this. Since this is a dangerous thing to do. You will need space away from children, it might be a shed or it can be your garage. Aside from choosing the safest place, you should also be careful with the way you use and hold the grinder since this machine includes an extremely sharp disc. You should also take note if ever the disc becomes dull, you can simply use a stone to sharpen it again. It is necessary to have a sharp grinder for sharpening your chainsaw.

Here is how you use the grinder to sharpen your chainsaw.

Assuring that everything is ready, you can then start sharpening your chainsaw. Always be sure that the grinder is placed accordingly on the table that will make it easy for you to do the operation or task. Give your grinder a good grip, and after that, locate the attached chains in it. If you have a fitted grinder, you need to take off the chain from the saw then place it on a rail in your grinder. You can get both sides of the chain since you can rotate the rail. Be sure to adjust your grinder on a suitable height so that it will work accordingly. Double-checking will be a good way of making sure everything is under control.

Since you are now sure about where you placed the grinder, it is now the time to use it. You don’t need to rush in sharpening your chainsaw, so you should start working slowly and then you can speed up little by little. What should you do when you noticed that every spike on your chain has an alternating direction? Of course, it is a part that still needs a sharpening, right? For you to properly sharpen this part, the spikes, you may then grind every other spike. Afterward, rotate your chain and sharpen the rest. If it is a lot of work for you, then what you can do is turn a handheld grinder a bit for every spike and then you can get them all sharpened in one go.

Is it finished? Yes, it is the end of your sharpening session. Either way, you will be ending up achieving a perfectly sharpened chainsaw. Also, if you had been careful during the work, all your fingers are still intact, right? It is vital to be careful when you use tools and machines with sharp parts. Do not put yourself at risk not minding what the result could possibly be. You must always the first lookout for your safety in everything you do, so you won’t regret the result right after the work’s done.

Why use a grinder instead of other handheld tools for sharpening?

A tool can sharpen your chainsaw, that is for sure but if you want the work to be done as fast as possible, the grinder is your best option. Also, when you use the grinder for sharpening your chainsaw the sharpness on your chain will definitely last longer compared to when you use other tools like file guide. Of course, it is a bit expensive than the tool but it is not a waste of money since it is already a good investment for lifetime use. Owning one gives you advantages like you don’t have to call for someone to do the sharpening, which will need payment, and you can do the work in the comfort of your own home.

How would you know if your chainsaw is already in need of sharpening?

It is easy to determine when your chainsaw needs sharpening because there are some visible signs that you can observe. The first sign, when your chainsaw starts to stop self-feeding and you needed to push on the saw for it to cut. The second sign, when the chainsaw is not expelling wood chips, but rather wood dust. The third sign, when your chainsaw does not cut straight. This sign shows when the cutting edge of the saw looks shiny as the chrome starts to wear off. Chrome is the coat of your chains that wears off as the chain encounters grit, dirt and other debris that is present on and around the wood.

Why should you sharpen the chainsaw?

It is vital to sharpen a chainsaw to ensure that it continues to function well. It is an inevitable thing that the chain gets dull after repeated uses, right? That reason makes it essential to sharpen them to make sure that you make the cutting safer, to put less strain on the motor of your chainsaw, and to make the chainsaw to last longer. It will only cause more problems when you use a dull chain in cutting woods. It will not also be safe to use a dull chainsaw.

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