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How to Split Large Rounds of Wood In the Right Way

How to Split Large Rounds of Wood In the Right Way

Splitting large woods is hard work. Lumberman is full of skills that a normal person cannot easily develop such as a massive increase in agility, strength, and tolerance.

Also a skill in wood chopping, there is a lot to develop. But there are some steps that you can follow to provide near results in chopping woods. There are some steps and tips you can follow.

There are a lot of risks that follows in cutting woods and such. Simple problems are splinters. Some comes with large splinters that will make you cry or those pieces that may fly upon cutting them and get through your skin.

Here are some tips you must follow before starting your wood cutting process:

  1. Wear protective gears

Hats. It might sound a bit cliché but putting hat, a lumberman hat to be specific is a need for lumberjacking. It should be practiced when cutting woods.

  1. Use the right tools

Getting the job done on the way that is to be and the fastest way is to have the right equipment to provide more like results. One of the tools that are needed is axes, and the axe will depend on how big the wood will be. On large wood, you need a larger axe to get the job done easily and more likable. The heavier the equipment is, the faster that you will get the job done than using those light handed tools. Heavier equipment leads to more focus on the point of the tool.

  1. Wear eye protection

Besides hats, you will need eye protection, especially when you are exposed to the splinters that fly when you are cutting woods. Be especially careful upon cutting woods.

  1. Know what kind of wood you are going to cut

Before anything else, this is the main thing that you need to classify. There are different kinds of woods, some might be heavier, and there are some appropriate tools and gears that are needed in different kinds of wood to have wanted results. Different kinds of woods come from a different cutting pattern that is to be used. Well, you need to identify where you are going to use the wood to get the right type of wood you need.

  1. Cut according to the desired length

Once you have identified the kind of wood you are going to cut, know the size of the wood you wanted to acquire. Upon cutting the wood, you can place a measurement for you to know the size of the wood that you are going to cut beforehand. In that way, you can be able to get the proportion of how many blocks of wood you can gather. Knowing it helps both ways.

Ways of Cutting Woods

Whether you are splitting the wood using an axe or maul, here are some steps of how to cut them to avoid accidents and unwanted wounds along the way.

  • Place your feet evenly apart and placing your shoulder-width on a certain angle – Placing them on a perfect angle creates the desired pose for you to easily cut off the wood and also prevent some unwanted accidents. You can try placing your foot onward a little if you find the pose quite uncomfortable. Place your comfort while swinging your axe.
  • Place your axe or maul above your head and let it chop – this way, the force of the axe and from your hand will let you have a stronger force when you drop it, making it easier to split it.
  • Remember to place your dominant hand in the near of the axe then your other hand near in the axe handle – this is an ideal pose once the axe you are holding drop. This keeps on getting your force from to axe to be able to cut the wood more precisely.
  • Upon getting back the axe, make sure to bend your knees and to pull your hips back – this pose allows you to create a force to be able to get back the axe on the position you are in and also to create a relaxed pose upon getting the axe.

The last tip is when you are cutting large woods. Make sure to aim to the middle of the circle that is engraved in the wood and for you to cut it evenly.

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