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How to Use a PEX Crimp Tool: Tutorial & Tips

How to Use a PEX Crimp Tool: Tutorial & Tips

If you’ve heard of PEX crimp tools, but aren’t sure what they are, today is your lucky day. Just what are these tools? PEX crimp tools are used mainly for inserting PEX pipes in plumbing jobs. They not only let plumbers install PEX pipes without experiencing any damages or leakage problems, but they keep the project much more secure and safe as well.

Best of all, you can find these tools in a variety of sizes and designs, and they can do other things besides crimp items into place. They are easy to use as well, so you won’t need any special mechanical ability or education to use them successfully.

Why Do Pipes Need to Be Crimped?

Homeowners do not like when their pipes leak, and above all else, the PEX crimp tool ensures that this won’t happen. While it is true that other closure methods can be used to make sure plumbing systems are secured properly, the crimp method offers numerous advantages, and these include:

  • It saves time because it is fast.
  • It produces a very tight fit that won’t leak.
  • It can be used on all types and sizes of pipes.
  • It only has to be done once to be effective.

Indeed, when you use a crimp tool to secure plumbing pipes, you never have to go over it a second time; in fact, doing so sometimes causes some difficulties. The PEX crimping tool is extremely effective and works great the first time, every time.

How to Use the PEX Crimp Tool

Plumbers know how to use the PEX crimp tool, but more and more homeowners are learning about its advantages as well. In fact, the more you learn about this tool, the more valuable it becomes, meaning you’ll soon be using it for dozens of household projects all year long. Looking for tips to make using this tool even easier? Keep reading for a few of these important suggestions.

Make sure you know the size of the pipe you need. Before you do anything else, you have to make sure you cut the pipe to the size you need. You then need to slip the crimp ring over the end of the pipe and push a fitting into the tubing. At that point, you can slide the crimp ring over to the edge.

Use your crimp tool. Take your PEX crimp tool and pull apart the handles because there needs to be an opening to go any further. Find the ring on one end of the pipe, then place the opening of the crimp tool over it. It is crucial to make sure the tool is centered around the crimp ring. It can ruin everything if the tool isn’t in the right location.

Push the handles together. Once you have the tool in the right spot, simply squeeze the handles together so that the crimp ring will be set in place properly. For this step, you have to use a lot of pressure. A tiny bit of pressure will simply not do. It’s also good to remember that the ring needs to be crimped evenly; otherwise, the pipe may not be as watertight as it needs to be.

Don’t be shy about using enough pressure when working with your PEX crimp tool. Make sure you squeeze the handles tightly and only after you make certain it is centered correctly on the crimp ring. If you mess up, it is likely to be very difficult to redo the job, and you’ll certainly need new rings and maybe even a new pipe to start all over again.


Crimping is used in numerous applications, but a PEX crimp tool is made specifically for PEX pipes in plumbing jobs. But doesn’t the task feel a little less scary now? Because more and more homeowners are using this tool for DIY jobs in the kitchen and bathroom, it’s good to know that learning how to use it is easier than most people realize.

If you’ve enjoyed this article, make sure you leave us a comment below, and good luck on your next PEX crimping job!

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