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Makita LS1219L Tile Saw Review: Pros and Cons

People crave for tools that offer powerful and also precision cutting. There is one in the market that is ready to serve you with what you desire, and it goes by the name of Makita LS1219L Miter Saw.

Makita LS1219L Tile Saw Review: Pros and Cons
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People crave for tools that offer powerful and also precision cutting. There is one in the market that is ready to serve you with what you desire, and it goes by the name of Makita LS1219L Miter Saw.

If you are an individual that does all the cutting by yourself then maybe this is the tool for you. Well if you don’t believe me, then let’s check out the performance of this big boy tool.


  • Massive cutting capacity
  • Soft-start system that makes it convenient to start
  • Easy blade change with the one-step blade change process
  • Great slide out supporting rails
  • It is easy to adjust


  • This miter saw takes up a lot of space
  • Because of its size, it will not be easy to move from place to another

Overall Description

Who do you think is the direct use of this tool? Well to answer that question, it applies to anyone who does all the cutting in for their projects or people from the construction industry. If you want superior and top of the line cutting accuracy then this miter saw is the one that you should use. But to obtain those precision cuts you must calibrate the miter saw.

It has a system that consists of a blade-guard and direct motor blade that is notable for upgraded vertical cut capability. If you want to do the precision cutting at different measures and angles then this is the bad boy you should have in your bag.


The LS1219L miter saw is created to be an easy-to-use saw. Compared to another saw that requires more effort for precision cutting, the LS1219L miter saw offers you convenience accurate cutting. It has awesome features that make it easy to use.

  1. Over-sized trigger
  2. Rubberized D-handle design
  3. Built-in laser

Changing the blade of this miter saw is another story. But you will not put in too much effort as this saw as it is designed with the one-step blade change process.


There are no problems when it comes to the durability of this saw. The direct-drive motor of the LS1219L does not need any belt compared to other commercial saws. Being belt-less as we might say there will be no risk in terms of slipping, breaking or belt-replacement.

Sometimes some saws have problems when starting. Hard starting can sometimes be a problem or can cause a problem. On the other hand, this miter saw was created with a soft-start technology. This technology creates no problem when it comes to starting and consistency in the cutting process thus not causing any problems.

This miter saw is created for durability. Having unique features that will definitely avoid problems from arising.


Some saws are created to cut only at limited measurements and angles. The miter saw is not born for that, it was created with versatility to deliver cuts at various measurements and angles with fine accuracy and sturdiness.

Surely you will not have any problems cutting woods for your construction projects. No matter what the angle or measurement you want to have, then the miter saw will do it for you.


If you are a certified woodworker, then this appropriate tool for you. The performance of the Makita LS1219 miter saw is excellent. It cuts accurately, and it is a very sturdy tool for a saw, so you will never have problems using them for your projects.

If you have different kinds of projects such as constructions, DIY woodcutting or other projects this one is the right one for its usability, durability and cutting quality. You might just drive down to your local hardware store and look at this tool work its magic.

Is it Recommended?

Even though it has unique and amazing features, there are other miter saw in the market that is highly recommended. If we might say it, the recommended miter saw is the new-gen who have more advanced specs in the box.

But the LS2191L can still be used, if you deem that the other miter saw is above your wage, then the LS1219L miter saw can be the perfect substitute to those precision cuts for your projects and general constructions.


Any projects, general constructions, or woodwork will not be possible without the use of some awesome tools. If you want something to help you with accurate or precision cuttings then maybe the Makita LS2191L is the suitable one for you. Although it has downsides it is still one of the best in the business when it comes accurate cuttings, and it also has some awesome features along with it. Let the Makita LS2191L prove its worth to you.

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